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Salam! Still in Cameron Highland mood, land of strawberries, fruits, beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables, landscape of tea plantation and of course fresh cooling air. On the way down from C'ron H'lands, we stopped @ this tea plantation but of course to snap some pictures. Bibik Nanik had a

hard time running after Iddin who had ran up the slopes of the tea plantation. We ( actually me lah) did not want to miss (and wanted to rasa) how' s drinking tea surrounded by landscape of tea shrubs in the fresh mountain air, with the soft breeze blowing towards your 'rosy' cheeks, in the cool, sunny weather. We had orange flavored tea (the flavour for that day) and no ice please, together with some, forgot what missy called it, (butter shortbread?). I saw they had strawberry cupcakes too.What? Cupcakes! Actually I am fascinated and already in love with cupcakes in cyberspace. Strawberry cupcakes pun never mind lah. As long as 'cupcakes' . Must try! They were just cupcakes with a spread of strawberry jam and some tiny pieces of strawberry. Oooo la la, very sweet indeed! I like it. Eat the cake and leave the cups, ha ha

Rasa , having tea up there? Cool babe!

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