I wished.....

Salam! Time to leave the fun outing we have had that weekend...

Mr Sorr this time took the new route down mountain (hill?) through Simpang Pulai. Hungry lah Daddy, so we stopped @ this R n R (Rawat dan Rehat) Rest area. My, my, I've never seen a rest area as big as this being a frequent traveller to Kuantan. The Tapah R n R, a very good, welcoming place for tired travellers

Peace babe! Crowded, so had to wait for vacant seat. Wondering what to eat...

Lunch break for tourists (locals and foreigns)

The surau is airy. I love it!!!
And there are reminders too, not to ponteng sembahyang!!!!!!!

Look at the ' roof top' . Good design but must consider what if it rains!
Eh, 'Perempuan' to the sky?

Nice water feature landscape. Amal n Nek Ngah must posed ! Boleh release tension you. ha, ha

Various local fruit stalls. They sell jambu air, ciku (all madu,) speciality from this area, your pick!

Of course lah, the bank negara bought some munchy munchy, jeruk mangga I think.

See the petis, sambal rojak lah untuk di cicah dengan seedless jambu batu.

After every thing done... rombongan Mak Bedah continued their journey!

As bench marking, I will give this R n R a 4 star rest area. (nothing is perfect right?). Maybe there are better ones. I wish the rest area from Melaka through Segamat and Muadzam Shah to Kuantan is like this or if not almost . Once I took the the express bus that serves the Melaka -Kuantan via Muadzam Shah and Segamat . Guess the stopping place for rest and makan-makan? At a, I would say a 'shack', cantik by night eating place. The toilet! I dare not NOT go. Maybe the bus drivers have a share , get free makan mah... I pity the pasengers.That's why I prefer to drive. Then I can stop at alternate places like the petrol station in Segamat or Muadzam, but never, never at this dirty shack. There 's a small R n R in Muadzam Shah, along the main route but it's just a 1 star rest area to me. Maybe not many people use this route, so it's a so-so place, know what I mean?

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