Hello! Happy to be home again! Actually, where is my home? My house is in Kuantan, my family house or rumah tua is in Melaka. When I'm in Kuantan, my thoughts will be to the people back home, Melaka. When I'm back in Melaka, eh, apa khabar orang di Kuantan? How are they doing? Well, 'home' is the place where you live, isn't it? So Kuantan- Melaka, both are home to me. So, here I am in BC. There's the so called 'king' who missed his 'garu' (scratched) session with me, Princessangel, the creative and now talkative girl, and the going-to-be teenager Missy, already so tall, size L. Now I can taste 'mummy hart's' home cooking, enjoy 'daddy Mr Sor's ever- eating-out-session, follow/tag my dear sis's get together with her friends, have nanik's helping in the washing up after cooking (if rajin lah). So happy together! Of course, I'll miss my other home, Kuantan: my house, the rocking chair while watching HBO and other fav TV channels, my good and nice neighbours and friends, the brisk walk up the hill, of course the blogging session with my own computer and last but not least, JY, tengok-tengok h BS ye.. See you Kuantan...Insya Allah. Below, my rocking chair...


  1. Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Welcome home, Nek Lang. So happy to have U back. Now can taste your cooking again my favourite food. Yeah!

  2. But only simple food, no big deal.


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