Let's dance

Beri tumpuan pada nafas, concentrate

Salam every body! Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I will follow my sis for her Tai Chi-anyone session with her friends. What is interesting is that the session also include the musical aerobic using the malay traditional music such as the Joget for warming up and stretching the muscles. To overcome boredom, the now favourite catchy song 'Aspalela' by Saiful Apek is also used alternately. After forty minutes or so of Tai Chi breathing in and breathing out exercise, there'll be a 'poco-poco' workout. Never mind if you miss your step, just follow and you'll get it soon.The session is not completed without dancing the Joget with 'listen to the gong beat'. Gong. gong. gong.....Oh yes, the joget lambak of yester years. And now the 'girls' are learning the Zapin, another traditional Malay dance. Wow, so thrilling. How not to! This is the first time some of them are dancing the Zapin. There will be giggles and laughters. Later on I think our cikgu 'll include the Inang too, the ever so gentle, slow movement traditional dance. We enjoy ourselves, moving our body, legs and hands, to the rythm of the music.Of course after much movement , we'll sweat all over. Everybody agree they feel fresh. After all, other than exercise to be healthy and keep healthy, we want to be happy together with friends. We don't want to miss Tuesday and Thursday morning for more .

Aspalela, lela, lela, lela....Aspalela, lela...lela....lela ..warming up
'kepala ke kiri dan ke kanan, satu, dua, tiga....... pre tai chi
'tarik...... lepas...... tai-chi, beri tumpuan kepada pernafasan
'dengar bunyi gong, gerak dan buat U turn dengan partner (bukan part-we/pakwe)' joget
'kanan, kiri, kanan, buka' zapin , now jalan ke depan, tok,tok ketok. ketok gong!
'poco-poco' kanan, kanan, kiri, kiri,......

The cikgu's legs "Kiri, kanan, kiri, kanan"
Follow the leader

Kepala di putar, ke kiri... perlahan-lahan
Joget, on the spot..

Zapin...1,2,3, kaki kiri bukak...

Special occasion

It's me

Salam everybody!
I (a.k.a. lil'king ) have.....a slight fever, coughing, so no school, hurray!!! But mummy why you Sob,Sob ? I joke only lah, mummy. You know me, don't you. Cukai....Daddy, ke...ti...yak..you lah!

Let lil' king rest o.k..., TV rest too.....

Now that I'm okey, I can be Power Ranger.......I like to role play, imaginative me..complete with sound effect... whoosh, whissssh...
Guess who? Back to myself, ever active Iddin!!With helmet and sun glasses, ready to rrammmp......it!!

When I'm tired of play, what else will I do..but...
Have patience with me ok?
Iddin: I read very fast. Now I read 9b (referring to reading series read in school)
Nek Lang: Then read to me 9a please .
Iddin: If you want to hear me read, you go upstairs. I read to Mummy.
(Later, Nek Lang went upstairs)
Mummy: Finished reading Nek Lang. First page AND last page only!!!
Nek Lang: Iddin, Iddin, real fast reader.

More stopovers

Salam! At Tapah R n R Mr Sorr, bought these sweet sour jeruk mangga to make us awake but look......
tired mah....tidur lagi best. Along the way, "Sorry ye, HAVE to stop"
Another stopover. Another agrobazaar but we didn't get down only 'yang perlu sahaja'

Towards evening , we arrived at Dengkil, (remember Jenderam?)
Mr.Sorr: Sini ada satay Kajang.
Gang: Ya, satay, o.k. Let's stop!

So the famous satay!

Ordered this much, hungry (again)

And in no time finished every thing, not enough? Ordered some more.

This is what is left, can you read the order list?

Continued journey...
Time for Magrib prayers. So next stop, Air Keroh R n R. Welcoming place too. Not bad.

Look at Daddy. Look at Iddin? What happened? Ada Angin lintang ke? Must be something. 'Nanti ambil duit, lepas tu, daddy pusing balik sini' he requested.

So the journey home continued...... and

What an enjoyable outing..... See the smiles...contented, yes?

I wished.....

Salam! Time to leave the fun outing we have had that weekend...

Mr Sorr this time took the new route down mountain (hill?) through Simpang Pulai. Hungry lah Daddy, so we stopped @ this R n R (Rawat dan Rehat) Rest area. My, my, I've never seen a rest area as big as this being a frequent traveller to Kuantan. The Tapah R n R, a very good, welcoming place for tired travellers

Peace babe! Crowded, so had to wait for vacant seat. Wondering what to eat...

Lunch break for tourists (locals and foreigns)

The surau is airy. I love it!!!
And there are reminders too, not to ponteng sembahyang!!!!!!!

Look at the ' roof top' . Good design but must consider what if it rains!
Eh, 'Perempuan' to the sky?

Nice water feature landscape. Amal n Nek Ngah must posed ! Boleh release tension you. ha, ha

Various local fruit stalls. They sell jambu air, ciku (all madu,) speciality from this area, your pick!

Of course lah, the bank negara bought some munchy munchy, jeruk mangga I think.

See the petis, sambal rojak lah untuk di cicah dengan seedless jambu batu.

After every thing done... rombongan Mak Bedah continued their journey!

As bench marking, I will give this R n R a 4 star rest area. (nothing is perfect right?). Maybe there are better ones. I wish the rest area from Melaka through Segamat and Muadzam Shah to Kuantan is like this or if not almost . Once I took the the express bus that serves the Melaka -Kuantan via Muadzam Shah and Segamat . Guess the stopping place for rest and makan-makan? At a, I would say a 'shack', cantik by night eating place. The toilet! I dare not NOT go. Maybe the bus drivers have a share , get free makan mah... I pity the pasengers.That's why I prefer to drive. Then I can stop at alternate places like the petrol station in Segamat or Muadzam, but never, never at this dirty shack. There 's a small R n R in Muadzam Shah, along the main route but it's just a 1 star rest area to me. Maybe not many people use this route, so it's a so-so place, know what I mean?

T please

Salam! Still in Cameron Highland mood, land of strawberries, fruits, beautiful flowers, fresh vegetables, landscape of tea plantation and of course fresh cooling air. On the way down from C'ron H'lands, we stopped @ this tea plantation but of course to snap some pictures. Bibik Nanik had a

hard time running after Iddin who had ran up the slopes of the tea plantation. We ( actually me lah) did not want to miss (and wanted to rasa) how' s drinking tea surrounded by landscape of tea shrubs in the fresh mountain air, with the soft breeze blowing towards your 'rosy' cheeks, in the cool, sunny weather. We had orange flavored tea (the flavour for that day) and no ice please, together with some, forgot what missy called it, (butter shortbread?). I saw they had strawberry cupcakes too.What? Cupcakes! Actually I am fascinated and already in love with cupcakes in cyberspace. Strawberry cupcakes pun never mind lah. As long as 'cupcakes' . Must try! They were just cupcakes with a spread of strawberry jam and some tiny pieces of strawberry. Oooo la la, very sweet indeed! I like it. Eat the cake and leave the cups, ha ha

Rasa , having tea up there? Cool babe!

New addition

Salam! What did I get for Angah on her besday?See the picture above? What's she doing? Mari berdansa dengan ku? Or Hip Hip Hurray? She saw the one she liked (medium size bag)in this boutique shop when we were in Cameron Highlands.

She liked it so much very practical, with sling. Eh, why not I get her one. Solved my problem.

Anah : Gee, I like this bag. TQ Alang!


Creative bags

Salam! My sis has golden fingers. Not that whatever she touches turn gold, as in Midas touch, but she can really sew. I don't have that talent and I will never learn sewing. (But I can stitch). She can sew blouses, baju kurung (only for self lah), maxi. She's the one we go to to shorten our long pants, or sew beads to decorate our bajus. One of the things that she learned was sewing bags mainly patchwork bags. She is very good at it.She sewed several tote bags for her friends and cute informal ones which she called Oshin bags. The first bag she sewed for me was a tote bag, good to stuff my telekung, or can be a shopping too. (pic to the left)

For my last birthday (was it?) she sewed me a sling patchwork bag complete with her branded name. I used this sling when I go travelling.
Can you see her branded name?

Recently, she gave me an Oshin bag. The bag will look pretty by highlighting it with beads. So,

Sis: Here's the bag. Here' re the beads. (Beads of various shapes, sizes, colours neatly kept in small little casings!)

I took the whole night sewing small round white beads lookalike pearls round Oshin's, just nice, can fit my camera, purse, handphone and a small pack of tissue.

That's my sister a.k.a Kak N to her friends, Nek Ngah to the kids at home, Angah to the family at home. Thank you Angah, the one with golden fingers.

One size fits two

Salam! One size fits two! Yes, Amal and her Nek lang. Look at her with 'her' just bought slippers.

One day, at the shoe rack,
Amal: Nek Lang, can I use your slippers. Mine koyak already.
Nek Lang: Can fit ah?
Amal: Can, see.
Nek Lang: But its shoes for orang dewasa
Amal: Ne'er mind. Can also.
And so she 'laram' my shoes, the sharp-pointed one, whenever she goes out.

Yes, she shares the same shoe size with me.

In a shoe department one day in KL.
Nek Lang was trying a pair of high heeled sandal.
Amal: If it fits you, then it fits mine too.
Nek Lang : Just trying lah.

In 'Girls', Amal bought a pretty pink sandals-'My new Slippers'
Nek Lang: Amal, pretty sandals to happy feet. Can I borrow them later?
Amal : Which one, sandals or feet?

Nek Lang: Hmmm...p!

I bought a pair of red Japanese sandals with big flowers and sketches of strawberries at a souvenir store in Cameron Highlands.
Amal: Nek Lang, let me try. Can fit lah.
Nek lang: Yes, I purposely bought a slightly extra size so that it can fit you when you grow big. You like it?
Amal: Heh...Can I borrow?
Nek Lang: Sure, we can share. To be used as house slippers. o.k.

At Tapah R n R, as we were walking towards the rest room.
Amal: You said house slippers. (pointing at the red slippers)
Nek Lang: I have no slippers at the moment.
Later, Nek Lang: Amal, let's take picture, your girls' shoes and my red slippers.
(Tak habis-habis dengan kasut Nek Lang dengan Amal)

This afternoon, Amal home from school.
Amal: Nek Lang, where's your red slippers?
Nek Lang: I've washed them. (I knew she wanted to use them as agreed)

Amal, 8, has the same shoe size as her Nek Lang, now in her fifth year of retirement.
Wonder what will be her shoe size when she's my age?

At the moment she is using the slippers, flip flopping as she walks.