Melting moment

Salam! One morning,Iddin quietly went to Tok Lang and sat on his lap. Rindu agaknya. Tok Lang, still on his praying mat(sejadah), lovingly hugged him, it's been quite sometime they haven't met. Tok Lang has a soft spot for children, especially kids like Iddin, who will easily make his heart 'cair' (melts). Tok Lang understands small kid. When Iddin or Amal not in their good mood, or showing tantrums, he will gently say 'Kids, budak-budak, besar nanti dia akan berubah.' He never raise his voice but he will be firm to them. Once, Iddin followed Tok Lang to Melaka Sentral to see him off to Kuantan by bus. Iddin wouldn't let His Tok Lang go. He wanted to follow him to Kuantan. Tok Lang bought toys for him to pujuk (persuade) him. But still Iddin insisted to follow him. Tok Lang even play 'acting' with the ticket counter lady saying tickets sold out. But Iddin is Iddin, still remained to his words. The bus to Kuantan was about to go. Iddin held Tok Lang's hand firmly. Didn't want to let him go. And Tok Lang 's heart 'melted' (like melting moment, the biscuit).Cancelled.............. tak jadi balik. Postponed his trip home. Went for roti canai and teh tarik instead. Next morning, while Iddin was still sleeping, Tok Lang quietly left Melaka with heavy a heart. Hug Iddin for me, he sms ed.
Recently, Tok Lang was in Melaka for a few days. Iddin said he wanted to follow Tok Lang to Kuantan.So to avoid the drama to be repeated, I sent Tok Lang for Friday prayers and fetched him after that to Melaka Sentral to catc
h the 3.00 pm bus to Kuantan. See you Iddin....
Now with me. Iddin's long lost but found session with Nek Lang. Another melting moment!

Nek Lang, garuk.... iddin, iddin,
'You not here I garuk myself lah'

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