Big makan

Hello there! This morning attended the grand event @ An's house. Went there early for parking space. Helped around a bit. Here are some pics to share with you.
Welcoming the guests

Khatam Quran, the first two on the left are sisters( An's nieces)
the next two, brother and sister (An's children)

Some of the lady guests ( all man Marhaban, so no picture)
Dessert, the dark 'thing' in the bowls is the sauce for pie- tee

Lunch- nasi putih/nasi minyak:pacri nenas, rendang tok, ayam goreng kunyit,
gulai tulang,ikan goreng lada, sambal belacan mangga

So small and so comel, anak siapa lah ni

Came back in the rain. JY didn't attend cause had guest. Made mee soup for lunch.

That's it. Have a nice weekend!


  1. The scene can be like in Melaka too, kan? Nice pics.

  2. Maybe the majlis is a bit different.N of course more meriah in melaka.


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