Mr Sony Cam

What'sthe latest item in my handbag? Other than my hand phone, purse and tissue paper, the new addition is Mr Sony Cam, the digital. Before this I had the normal one, using rolls and rolls of film., developed and nicely placed in albums.I remembered taking photos now and then like when visiting other schools for benchmarking, events happenings in school, touring, etc. I used to write working papers or reports of activities/programmes in my former school with pictures as highlight or proof. These pictures as memoirs are in my albums, neatly arranged in a special cupboard. But alas, through my carelessness, my camera which had been loyal to me, dropped dead the same year I retired. Which means, end of picture taking using own camera.But then, I have my video cam, also a Sony to capture eventful events in action, such as the premier school cncert where Amal and Iddin are the main focus, outings with family members. Not to forget the melancong happenings to Korea, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai.....And special mention to my sis and my friend ,Narimah,for being the anchor girls . Then this era of digital with the blogging bug. After blog hopping (busybody one) why not join the gang. So Mr Sony Cam came along too. What more now I've also a photo blog. That means more photo taking with my new toy. Standby Mr Sony Cam, get ready to shoot... Guess what my new year resolution is?
Anyway, to you readers, esp to my dear ones back home, 'Wishing all of you a joyous and everlasting peaceful New Year! Continue blogging in a happy mood! 'See you soon......

A Malay Town in Kuantan?

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Hi Hi Bye Bye

For certain reasons, JY decided to sell off ......
............his 20 year old CT 'super'bike' and get a.........

...super model CBN Yamaha.....

sekali pandang sudah suka

Happy forthcoming birthday JY!


Because a photo is worth a thousand words, I've started photo blog at fotopages. So can see me at noralenna's Fotopage - or you can also click at the title for this posting to go to my fotopages. If you are a person of few words, the quiet type or short of words (?) but loves to snap, snap here, click, click there, then join fotopages blog. Kalau banyak nak story nak share, or you like writing, then gi kat blogspotlah.


I had my hair trimmed at my usual salon, a small but welcoming one, at the Stadium Darul Makmur. There was Z, the hair stylist and beautician, the owner of the salon. I have known her, her sis (was my tailor), her mum (a great cook) ever since I started working in Kuantan. Z has put on weight. We hugged and exchanged news. "I was not well the whole of last year, kak", she said. Then she showed me her arm. There was a big ,red patch, a bit scaly and dry. Her back. There were red patches too. Remnants of scar were on her forehead, legs. Poor Z is suffering from psoriasis. At first she noticed it on her scalp. She thought it was the kelemumur/ dry skin flakes. She used all sorts of shampoo but it remained. Then slowly it spread to other parts of her body. She was weak. She showed me her pictures when it was at its climax. Kesihan Z. Really my sympathy for her. Her doctor said psoriasis is incurable but it is not contagious. She was given steroid but too much will have side effect. She tried alternative medicine and Islamic healing. Can see the change to the better but she has to be careful. She was advised to be calm and accept ujian Allah.Early this year, with high spirit and positive mind , Z still managed to attend a six month further course on hair styling conducted by a prestigious hair salon in KL The course was fully sponsored by MARA. So how not to ? "Dah bahagian Z, Sabar sahaja lah. Kak doa Z segera sembuh" I calmed Z, as she was attending to my hair. So Z, the bubbly, creative Z, continues her daily life, spending more time now in her salon. Not to worry Z, Kak and I'm sure your clients/friends will always support you because you have the golden heart and touch. Take care, now. At home, I quickly googled for psoriasis

All Done

Yes, all done. Ah Kok and Din came to repair the kerosakan kecil sekilau 1.
  • sealed the gap between the kitchen extension roof and wall. The adjoining long piece of zinc was misplaced due to the wind. So rain water sipped down the wall.
  • changed the bola tangki in the water tank to a bigger one.
  • pulled out the already big tree at the corner of the air well and sealed the cracks on the wall
  • painted the wooden part of the front roof (two levels)
Ok, now the bill, (over tea and goreng pisang), came to RM220.00 after bargaining. Quite high lor! Perhaps this include the 'height' risk-factor, yo.

Free makan

Went out for lunch with Faridah Kazi Mohd, a very good friend of mine. Another very dedicated and commited teacher and loved the school sooo......... much (all girls school) that she stayed there for solid 31 years till her retirement, declining transfer and promotion. Everywhere she goes, her former students will recognize her and.....there will be hugging, shrieking and giggling(oh drama!)Though retired, Faridah is now (handpicked) as principal of ........please refer to the picture. She's now showing her potential as a leader and administrator which she once refused. She's doing so well that the board won't let her go. Look at her smile. So happy busy, busy working Faridah!
As bandar Kuantan was very, yes very crowded that hour, we decided to have lunch at one of the 2 star hotels nearby her school. We had nasi goreng kampung (semua ada, termasuk cholesterol). And who came and served us? No other than one former Afzan girl. She said dia mimpi cikgu Faridah malam tadi and her mimpi came true. See, how Faridah is the unforgetable. Unexpectedly, Norfarhana ( class of 2004) belanja us lunch! Free makanlah. How sweet and kind of you, Norfarhanah.
Me:That means another outinglah, Faridah .
FK: What about P**z*H*t?
Me: When?

Free makanlah cikgu!

Why not?

Petang semalam Fauzeyah came visiting with her emak, sis (Maznah), niece (Siti Saadiah) n Aliyah (Saadiah's daughter). I introduced them to blogging. Told them kita tulislah ape-ape je yang kita nak, yang menarik, yang happening, hal childrenlah, resepilah ,yang kita nak share dengan orang, diam- diam you will make more friends, more contact, kalau nak lah. (Tapi yours truly nak remain low je.) We can go blog hopping, macam singgah di rumah oranglah, baca-baca story morry bloggers lain.Tulis in simple language macam berbual. Yang jauh jadi dekat. Salah-salah, yang dekat jadi jauh. JY tambah, nak gaduh pun boleh dalam blog, tak payah face-to-face walaupun dalam rumah yang sama. Tulis je dalam blog perasaan kita. Joke only. Since fauzeyah has plenty of time now, and she has the writing skill, why not? Kakak dia kata, hai nampaknya nanti tak keluar biliklah, macam dulu balik. (what she meant was, FW masa kerja dulu rajin sangat, asyik mengadap komputer je) Nampak dia interested dan nak beli komputer baru. Dia tanya jenama apa yang bagus? Jawab JY , berapa nak belanja?


'Cantikkan yang biasa dan biasakan yang cantik' pesan Dato' Dr Fadhillah Khamsah. Kebetulan watched siaran khasnya pagi tadi. Arwah emak peminat no 1 dato'. Antara banyak petua yang alang ingat ialah bila bangun pagi, nak ke bilik air, bengkok (bend) ke kiri ulang kali. Ini akan memudahkan buang air. Yang busuk ke kiri katanya!

(Nak berhenti kejap nak tengok Hajj, The journey of a Lifetime, now on at saluran Oasis. Sure interesting and cantik/beautiful!!))
Now continue. ...While watching the documentary produced by BBC, teringat satu masa dulu. Well the journey focussed on 4 pilgrims- four generations- from Britain, about their experiences and feelings while performing the Haj. And of course shown are the various performances during hajj. Yes, a very challenging journey, dulu bahaya but now more comfortable. Muslims all around the world converge here to be closer to the Creator. May Your Hajj be Accepted.

This morning, while walking up the hill, saw a man selongkar/scavenging the big garbage looking for something. Aiyah, he was searching for something valuable in the garbage, maybe can recycle , or plastic bottles etc. Saw him threw what he wanted into a mini lorry. Then off they went to another 'station'. Hai macam-macam orang buat nak cari duit. Tapi di tempat kotor dan tak pakai gloves pulak tu. tak cantik!

Semalam JY had a slight accident. It was drizzling. He was riding on his bike on the way home. Suddenly, dah tersurat, he knocked against a cyclist. Alhamdulliah, the cyclist and him not hurt but bahagian belakang basikal bengkok. The bicycle had no lights, so for sure in the dark night , drizzling pulak tu, mana jelas. JY nak buat police report, siap map you, just in case. Ini pun tak cantikkan?

Semalam juga alang pergi raya visiting to a close friend's house. Her family ni macam tempat alang melepaklah kalau rasa sunyi waktu mereka tinggal di Bukit Sekilau. Now they have moved to a bigger house, a bungalow, very the cantik, at Taman Tas, 20 minutes drive from my place.

This is a picture of Hjh Fauzeyah (retired principal)with her emak(Mak Ji) She is very closed to her mak. We spent the time borak-borak of good old days, story morry of todays and what to do for tomorrow. As she is good in writing with lots of experience, told her to go blogging, but alas, . computer rosak, So go get new onelah, fauzeyah. Kuih Apam Mak Ji (katanya tak menjadi)

Fauzeyah ramai saudara, so they had fun time, raya. Siap ada kuih muih you. Then went makan nasi to her sis's place sebelah rumah je. Another bungalow. Ada sup tulang daging kurban. Lazat. Ini pun cantikkan, jamu orang!
Ada sebuah kedai ,house accessories, namanya de chantique!

More food

For Aidil Adha, we had this,
Nasi impit, lodeh ala yan, rendang ayam, kurma ayam,
ketupat daun palas (beli) n sambil tumis

Lodeh masak awal pagi tadi, tried not to make too much noise, malu neighbour dengar.
Eee banyaknya makanan. And then, our good neighbour send us this.....

nasi minyak satu set lengkap, patut le bau sedap

Eee lagi. Banyaknya lauk.... Then i pun balaslah apa yang ada plus this....

Kek lapis asam manis (the green one) and
kek lapis prune (baked by Faridah Hamzah)


masa-masa ni rindu pulak kat kampung, dengan budak-budak 3 orang tu, macam missy kata "kepala angin/head wind" tapi bila ingat lagu Sunrise Sunset, let them. Ingat Nek Ngah yang sedang enjoy jalan-jalan cari makan. Nani, raya ni merupakan raya terakhir kamu di sini. Rindu kat my room yang telah diubahsuai jadi My Museum, dan lain-lain. Tunggulah projek sini selesai baru boleh balik dan cuaca mengizinkan. Insya Allah...

Lodeh mak lodeh ala Yan

Called s-i-l, Yan: Yan, boleh beritahu resepi lodeh ala yan.
Yan : (ketawa kecil) Alang ketuk sikit ikan bilis, atau guna udang kecil, blend beberapa ulas bawang merah, 1 ulas bawang putih, kunyit hidup nak kasi kuning kuah, 1 biji cili hidup.
Me: Halia? Serai?
Yan: Tak payah, kalau nak halia sikit je. Serai ketuk.Tempe goreng dulu. Tahu tak payah goreng sebab dah siap goreng.
Me: Sini tak ada tahu dah goreng
Yan: Lepas tu Alang tumis semua tadi sampai naik bau, masuk sikit air. Masuk potongan-potongan sayur-sayur- kacang panjang, carrot, sengkuang yang keras-keras dulu. Kemudian Alang masuk santan dan tahu kering, kobis (kalau nak). Last masuk su'un. Masak samapai didih.
Me: Terima kasih, Yan, kalau ada ape-ape alang nanti call semula. Tengok-tengok Angah kat rumah tu, tinggal sorang tu.
Yan: dengan bibik.
Me: Dah buat muka kasihan *sob* Kak Eton dan Kak Hjh Pipah ajak dia ke rumah raya ni.
Yan: Yelah. Yan nak kemas depan rumah ni.

Itulah kesahnya. Resepi lodeh ala yan. Yang basic. Ada macam-macam cara lain, ikut cita rasa masing-masing. Elok lagi kalau ada sambal tumis/ kuah kacang / rendang, ikut seleralah. Nek Ngah and Nani, boleh rehat tapi sunyilah tak ada budak-budak. Alang kena masak, orang di sini sambut juga lah raya ni. Petang nanti nak rebus nasi himpit, buat sikit masak kurma ayam for dinner. Alang dah dapat bau masakan orang sebelah rumah.

Jangan sedih ye
kita jumpa lagi, InsyaAllah.
KASEH yang ayu.

Bought this just now....

i'm a little t pot, fat and stout.......,


Ada expo di padang depan terminal makmur i.e. hentian bus and teksi. Baru-baru ni, khemah-khemah ni melayang ditiup angin kencang. But berniaga diteruskan.

Macam khemah di padang Arfah!
Alang pun singgah buat tinjauan....dek boleh ambik gambar? Ada
Pretty shoes for pretty little feet, and cute back packs for animal lovers (below)
Smart white pants.
kaseh suka tak?Pelbagai jam tangan

bottles of minyak wangi, ori???
green plants in colourful jelly type pebbles

dan banyak lagi jualan . Jumpalah peniaga dari umbai, melaka, nasir namanya. Jual hasil melaka spt cincalok, belacan , kerepek dan rempah ready made masak asam melaka. Alang beli lah satu nak support orang kampung.On the way to the car park, saw tok mat trafik polis sedang saman kereta yang salah parking or parking di tempat yang salah(tak lah ambik gambar, takut juga). Si DJ dekat Jakel (kedai kain Ala Moda dekat situ) nampak kes ni, mainkan lagi Tok jangan saman saya nyanyian Ali Mamak. Tok Mat tersenyum sambil isi borang saman. Alang pun ketawa juga, kelakar.
Alang ni macam promoter pulak. Hari-hari cerita benda sama. Before you say it , let me say it first 'Tau tak pe.." Just me, as days go by....

Jom, belanja-belanja

Nice weather di luar sana, ada can keluar ke bandar. Dah seterika baju 1 bakul, sidai baju 2 bakul (sidai dalam rumah je), tv tak ada program yang menarik, paper pun dah baca, siap-siap alang pun keluar. Tujuan ke kawasan 'bintang walk' kuantan. Parking di tempat lapang, private parking. Hampir penuh. Ramai orang berbelanja, buat urusan bank, minum-minum di side walk cafe, lepak-lepak, ambil kesempatan cuaca cerah. Orang kita ramainya. Nak siap raya, munkin. Mula-mula alang ke P***s** R**, nak cari alas kaki, ganti yang lama. Mahalnya walaupun ada sale.Tak ada yang berkenan. Cuci mata pula di bahagian hand bag, sabar je, dan ke bahagian baju, banyak style orang-muda, macam missy dan kaseh tu.Tak tergoda. 2nd place walked across to Gu**d***. Suka ke farmasi. Beli toothpaste dan hand liquid soap. Tanya Gamo***. Alang punya tinggal di melaka. Tak ada stock, mak cik... Stock tak sampai katanya. Banjir konon. Tunggu esok lusa. 3rd place, ke hypermarket yang suka dikunjungi oleh orang-orang kita, tahukan namanya. Famous onelah. Punyalah ramai shoppers. Kalah tempat yang mula-mula alang masuk tadi. Parents dan anak-anak beli persiapan persekolahan , lagi 2 minggu nak buka sekolah rupanya. Eh, ada budak hilang! Terdengar pula teriakan a small baby crying in her mother's arm, lemas, uncomfortable. Maybe the mother has nobody to babysit her baby, terpaksalah bawa juga. Tapi apa-apalah shoppers ni beli. Alang cari alas kakilah yang towel type tu, mudah cuci . Jumpa, ada berbagai corak dan warna. Yang Alang cari tinggal 4 helai. Harga o.k. so beli dua helai. Beli juga sabun cuci pinggan, kat rumah dah nak habis. Belek-belek pula alas meja. Nak beli tak? Tak payahlah, yang ada masih elok. Nanti marah pula JY. Membazir katanya. Bila nak bayar, Q punyanya panjang walapun banyak counter dibuka. That shows how famous this place is. Then drove pula ke another supermart (dekat dengan rumah) yang terkenal di kuantan, juga di daerah lain di pahang, di johor dan terengganu - T*n*s M*n**. Supermart harga patut. Alang beli orange juice, air soya, anggur dan biskut. Lain-lain perkakas dapur tunggu JY belilah. Balik, ada orang tu sms suruh buka blog. Geli hati baca blognya yang terkini. What happened to my room in BC?And here I am, typing away, now nak berhenti , rehat. Nak masak ke tidak? That's the question! Need and Urgent : alas kaki , toothpaste and Gam*** (no stock)
Need but Not Urgent: the rest

So kelakar

Hari ini selesema. JY gi market. Switched to TV Ch711, and this programme was on...I like this children's show

what with Aznil as the host,and his studio audience, enjoying themselveswatching Uncle Aznil borak-borak with some lucky kids.
His guest artist today was Zahid (Angah's fav. last week was Dafi ,Missy's fav).
Zahid sang and danced Che Mek Molek with the children.
Look at Aznil and the so happy children!

I enjoyed myself so much watching Aznil interacting with the kids. So natural, not scripted, spontaneous. The kids (lucky, invited ones) were not shy at all and they were so bijak, talented and cute. Pandai Uncle Aznil layan budak-budak tu. I laughed (quietly, of course) to myself at their answers and reactions to Aznil sometimes loyar buruk questions and requests. As a host Aznil is so versatile, changing his style of delivery to suit his audience/guests, either with the seniors (pak ciks and mak ciks), the youngsters (adik, abang, kakak), and of course the kids (anak-anakku). He is so kelakar., lucu 'bangat'. Actually our late bapak and emak knew Aznil's parents and some of his older siblings. Minangkabau katakan. His father was from Muara Labuh, Sumatra. (betul ke, PHLP?) same kampung as our late bapak. If I'm not mistaken he was known as Ustaz Nawi because he used to teach mengaji. His mother, known as Kak Nubai ,among her peers. They stayed at Kampung Dato' Keramat, KL Well, Aznil Hj.Nawawi,we know you but you don't know us. Biasalah, selebreti katakan. Pernah you laungkan semasa satu konsert AF 'Hidup Minangkabau!' And we were so thrilled!!!So Aznil/Pak Nil/Abang Aznil/Uncle Aznil/ Prof Klon, whatever they call you and wherever you are, you are great. We wish you All the Best, May Allah bless you and make you HAPPY as much as you have made us(me) HAPPY!


At last.....

Ah Kok, the spiderman

together with Din adjusting ladder to climb higher

Repairing the leak, and then saw this........

another problem!

Nanti saya datang lagi. Kena ada tangga aluminium untuk turun
ke bawah air well. Nak cabut pokok dan cat.

Petang, hujan, Alhamdullilah, tiada lagi kebocoran.

Thank you, Spiderman!

Downs and Ups

Setakat ini, alahai (until 10.00 am)

Downs :
  • knocked against one of my 'ducks', part of it broken
  • the newspaperman yang deliver paper ke rumah-rumah tu jual mahal, tak mau jual if customer not in his list.
  • saw this patch on the pillar of one of the gates. Kertas basah lekat .Mr. Handy: Orang dah penat-penat cantikkan, jadi macam ni pula.
  • went to nearest petrol station to fill almost empty tank. Dari jauh, dia orang geleng tangan, no petrol.Yelah kuantan putus hubungan.
  • called Ah Kok. Said the weather bright and shine, boleh datang kerja. Replied: Tak boleh lagi. Genting licin. Kena cari tangga tinggi. Me: So jadi tak ni? His reply : I try my best.
  • Miss ASK last night. Thot malam ni. Take for granted will be shown on saturday night (tonite lah). Miss anything or not?
  • streamyx kejap ada, kejap tak ada (now u see it, now u don't)

Good morning sunshine. Hurray! Boleh brisk walk pagi ni,Place: Up the hill lah in front.

beautiful bungalows on the hill

pusing 2 kali, berbukit you....

from the pusingan can see the rooftops of my housing area

Going further uphill? Road dare not taken!

Along the way

Saw these beauties
Recognize them?

came down and
  • had nasi dagang for breakfast
  • watched SEHATI BERDANSA ( repeats). The couples are so happy, loving and sporting
Overcome Downs:
  • rearranged the three 'ducks'. The broken one camera shy,man. Sayang nak buang, given to me as gift.
  • Went out to buy papers
  • Oh kena cat semulalah - kata Mr Handy
  • Boleh pergi other station,but, ada ke petrol? Tunggulah
  • ASK, wait for repeat programme. When ah?
  • Ya hoo!! Ah Kok datang dengan pembantu, Din. Bawa tangga tinggi.

Wet Mee

Still raining heavily. Bocor belum boleh dibaiki, so, 'heavy' downpour in the house too. Ah Kok promised to come as soon as possible but how soon is ' soon' with this unpredictable weather. So, the next question -apa nak makan ah?
Since it's the wet season, why not mee basah jelah, fav boss. So rebus beberapa ketul meat, to soften it as well as for the stock.Meanwhile, cleaned and 'racek' some sawi, cleaned a handful of taugeh, cut tomato into pieces, blend together some shallots, garlic and a small cut of ginger (as bumbu: quote Bibik Nani) Got ready some tamarind juice, oyster sauce and tomato sauce. When the meat was soft enough (lama juga rebus, so tough the meat!), cut it into small pieces and put aside. Then soaked the mee batang into boiling water until soft. As I was saute(ing) the bumbu, alamak. cili boh dah habis, (macam iklan santan tu). Time almost 11.3oam. Luckily bos kata, balik masjid, makan.
So stopped saute(ing) the bumbu. Rebus pula cili kering, then blend, nak dapatkan cili boh.
Done, continued stirring the bumbu, put in some cili boh, naik minyak, throw in the pieces of meat, dashes of oyster sauce and a dash of tomato sauce, a pinch of salt (tak boleh banyak, takut masin) Put in the stock. Stir, stir, stir.. Dapatlah kuahnya (soup, kata budak-budak di BC). Rasa, ok.
Datang pula gangguan lain ,the serviceman nak servise water filter(kata nak datang pukul 3.00 pm). Tangguh lagi masak. Almost 3.00 bos pun balik, hujan lebat, tak dapat keluar mesjid. Sambung masak. Barulah dapat masukkan sayur-sayur tadi dan mee ke dalam bahan yang telah digoreng . Masuk sikit tamarind juice. Dapatkan rasa masam sikit. Gaul, gaul, gaul., sama rata, meresap ke dalam mee. Puas hati, mee basah a.k.a wet mee pun ready untuk dimakan. Tabur sedikit cili padi, sebagai hiasan dan untuk 'kepedasan.'.
Makanan dah siap, mari makan.

Myself : Rasa ok.
Himself : Tawar, mana garam?
Myself: ???? (myself, penawar orangnya)

Suka hati tengok bos lazat makan (tapi tambah garam, ikut cita rasa). Finally, bab cuci pinggan, kuali etc. Mob lantai, lap dapur. Kemas. No bibik to help. This part I don't quite like but it's part and parcel of cooking. Yours truly has to do it and must enjoy.
Time : 4.00 pm. Relax....mendung dan gelap di luar.
Somebody nak makan roti canai pulak! Musim hujan, lapar...


Petang tadi jiran saya yang baik hati berilah saya kuih ni, TALAM PULUT SERI MUKA. Seri mukanya, mmmm........, lembut, wangi, manis, sedap hingga menjilat jari. Nak makan sikit-sikit, jimat, takut cepat habis. This is one of my favourite kuih Melayu. S-i-l di Melaka, Maheran/Yan/Nek Yan,(Shau's wife) pakar juga buat kuih ni. Hello Yan, bilalah Yan nak buat untuk saya, dah lama sound....Kuih ni favourite the kids at BC juga tetapi suka kayanya sahaja. Tinggallah bahagian pulut untuk Nek Lang.

Kuih Talam Pulut Seri Muka, boleh tempah tak, Nah?


That's Iddin, my super hero `king' grand nephew in my last posting. Video taken by Tok Lang using his hp cam. Iddin, 5 yrs `young' ('I'm not old') was in one of his moods, ignoring his Tok Lang, while concentrating washing his bicycle.
Iddin has this habit of 'garu'( 'garuk'to him) or scratch. If I'm back home in Melaka, Iddin will always come to me for this 'garuk' session. When? Well, if he's just idling around while watching his favourite cartoon Ch 63 (now 613), or waiting for daddy to send him to school. There were nights when he would come to my room and requested me to 'garuk' him. "Here, there, up, down. Side. No lah, I say here." were his orders (king, what!). Lovingly I would 'garuk' him to slumberland. Sigh! In short, when he feels like it. How? He'll sit on my lap and 'order' me (yes, order) and show the way how he likes it to be done, either using the fingers (five, two) or comb. "Nek Lang 'garuk' please". So this Nek Lang will obediently follow the king's order, scratching his back up and down, up and down. Iddin feels very nice, I think. Or he will also lie sideways (eyes on TV), and tell me to 'garuk' either his arm, leg, knee, toes , chin, neck, head and pin point to me the exact place to scratch. To tease him, I just change to rubbing. "I say garuk not rub," Iddin will retaliate. Iddin will boast to his mummy "Nek Lang garuk sedap" and show her the garuk ala Nek Lang.
Maybe Iddin's skin is dry but he just hate the body lotion. The 'garuk' session was also a favourite past time to Iddin's two older siblings. When Missy C, the eldest, was little she would go to her nenek for 'garuk', and so would princess Amal (sometimes Tok Lang/Nek Lang would 'garuk' her too). Now it's Iddin's turn. Mind you, it's not bullying, but asking comfort from someone who has the ' touch'!
Well, they say that scratching , the soft and gentle one lah , will create a strong bond between two people. But please do it with love, sincerely from the heart. Heard of 'cakar harimau'?

During one 'garuk' session,

Nek Lang : First, tell me me you love me or not?
Iddin : Love
Nek Lang: How much?
Iddin: THAT,,,,,,,,,,,,, much. (raising his hands and form a circle)
Nek Lang: Who do you think will garuk Nabil? (his friend in school)
Iddin : Nobody because he has no grandmother.( Note: Iddin, don't you know that Nabil has 2 wonderful grandmas ?)
Nek Lang: If I'm not around, in Kuantan, who will garuk you?
Iddin : I garuk myself.
(and Nek Lang pun cair)

Nek Ngah, Iddin (3 mths) and princess Amal (3 yrs)
Oh..... when small, rub, when big, scratch! Luv u all.

Bad Mood, Yo?

It' raining, it's pouring

Yes it has been raining everyday in kuantan (n the east coast of course). Floods everywhere. I heard over the news that at one point along the main road from Kuantan to Segamat, km71, if not mistaken, is closed due to `jalan mendak' . Traffic has to go through the alternative route , Leban Chondong- Muadzam Shah. So stuck here, jadi mangsa banjir. Dare not drive long distance. At the time of writing,(6.45 am) it is pouring heavily out there what with the strong wind.(pic)So it's `snowing' ( and has been) out there. Beranganlah! So cold.

But this is what happened in the house. Yes, roof leakage (pic above)I would not allow Mr Handy climb up the roof top to fix it! So dangerous ma. Already called the tukang (specialist never mindlah) a Mr Ah Kok, to see to it. He came, he saw but not yet conquer. He would only repair the leakage only when there's no rain. But when? The weather is unpredictable - at times drizzles., otherwise pouring cats and dogs, then out comes the sunshine, then turns foggy. Kuasa Allah.
While waiting three pails in a row! Drip, drip. drip.
I should be grateful. Small matter. No big deal. Imagine the mangsa banjir, they have to evacuate their house to safer areas, leaving their belongings etc. Thank you Allah....
What else to do , watch the `big box' and go blogging lah. (Streamyx is very slow in such weather!)

Now, 9.15 am, hujan sudah teduh sikit but still pouring, so go snoring? He! He! He!