BP kids

Hi there! We went to BP yesterday on our way Melaka, just to say hello. JY wanted to settle some family matters. The kids were happy to see us what with 'Father' Chinese New Year brought keropok lekor and mandarins.

Meet Affiq, sleeping. He's unwell, coughing

Here's Ariff, Affiq's twin, also coughing

Ais (Tahun 5), playing ( boys!) Che Ah(Tahun 3), finishing her school work. That's their home name!

Ais.with his sisters Eka(Form 3) and Azi.(Form 1) The big girl is cousin Didi (Nadiah ,Form 3))

We had chicken soup, sambal belacan, fried fish, masak lemak sayur manis for dinner. Terima kaseh Lin kerana masakan yang sedap tu. Sempoi punya. After makan and family matters solved, we continued our journey to Melaka arriving BC around 1.00am. So very quiet. Everybody asleep. except for bibik. JY was really, really tired.

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