Salam! CCC? Yes, there's a CCC in our house. CCC a.k.a Cyber Cafe Corner is the place where three bloggers in our family frequent. When they have something to share, something to let go, something to show, most of the time something to know, here is the place they'll sit for hours and hours, with break in between, of course. There's also a visiting blogger. He wants to know what is happening and what's new. So CCC is the place. Anyway, there's another senior blogger in the house but she has her own corner, private. The CCC which the other 3 plus 1 blogger use is ok lah. Only patient needed to download pictures which could take some time. That's why if needed the private CCC is the alternative, with kind permisssion from the owner. So happy sharing bloggers! The visiting blogger and a blogger @ the CCC, pic below.


  1. Who lah is the senior blogger in the house who has her own private corner and each time to use the PC you have to get her permission? I suppose it's just like when you're walking in the street and you see a telephone, would you use that or enter a house nearby and ask the owner permission to use her phone. It's a question of senang dapat I think and not because 'private'. That's PHLP's opinion lah. Jangan marah yo!

  2. Thanks PHLP for your opinion. Jangan marah yo....


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