The dark side of singalot

Salam! What are siblings if there is no drama, no quarrels, sisterly brotherly,minor one that is. There were only two microphones for each 'singing room'. What happened if there were five adults, one coming soon teenager, one princess dreamer and one 'I controlled' king in the room sharing two mic? Every one wants to sing, this is the time to show off your talent, yes, there's no karaoke at home.So this is the time. I want to be like Adibah Noor, like Adam AF2, like Saloma and P.Ramlee. Adults can lah give way, but the children? Well, rushed for the mic, 'my turn, my turn', 'mine, mine','give me the microphone!' 'i want to sing', 'you had your turn,' ' this is my song, i want to sing' ' daddy look at ....' So tantrums, temper,stress, sulking, angry faces, pushing, shouting, crying. But children are children. The dark side was only for a short while, cool babe, peace yos, they became friends again, sisters and brother, singing together with daddy and mummy, duet with nek lang and nek ngah, happily dancing away and the finale, dang dut to Cik Mek Molek. See pics and more stories of singalot session in MsHart and PuteriHangLiPoh

hear me sing

Once a while we have to let go....

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