One size fits two

Salam! One size fits two! Yes, Amal and her Nek lang. Look at her with 'her' just bought slippers.

One day, at the shoe rack,
Amal: Nek Lang, can I use your slippers. Mine koyak already.
Nek Lang: Can fit ah?
Amal: Can, see.
Nek Lang: But its shoes for orang dewasa
Amal: Ne'er mind. Can also.
And so she 'laram' my shoes, the sharp-pointed one, whenever she goes out.

Yes, she shares the same shoe size with me.

In a shoe department one day in KL.
Nek Lang was trying a pair of high heeled sandal.
Amal: If it fits you, then it fits mine too.
Nek Lang : Just trying lah.

In 'Girls', Amal bought a pretty pink sandals-'My new Slippers'
Nek Lang: Amal, pretty sandals to happy feet. Can I borrow them later?
Amal : Which one, sandals or feet?

Nek Lang: Hmmm...p!

I bought a pair of red Japanese sandals with big flowers and sketches of strawberries at a souvenir store in Cameron Highlands.
Amal: Nek Lang, let me try. Can fit lah.
Nek lang: Yes, I purposely bought a slightly extra size so that it can fit you when you grow big. You like it?
Amal: Heh...Can I borrow?
Nek Lang: Sure, we can share. To be used as house slippers. o.k.

At Tapah R n R, as we were walking towards the rest room.
Amal: You said house slippers. (pointing at the red slippers)
Nek Lang: I have no slippers at the moment.
Later, Nek Lang: Amal, let's take picture, your girls' shoes and my red slippers.
(Tak habis-habis dengan kasut Nek Lang dengan Amal)

This afternoon, Amal home from school.
Amal: Nek Lang, where's your red slippers?
Nek Lang: I've washed them. (I knew she wanted to use them as agreed)

Amal, 8, has the same shoe size as her Nek Lang, now in her fifth year of retirement.
Wonder what will be her shoe size when she's my age?

At the moment she is using the slippers, flip flopping as she walks.

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