It's me

Salam everybody!
I (a.k.a. lil'king ) have.....a slight fever, coughing, so no school, hurray!!! But mummy why you Sob,Sob ? I joke only lah, mummy. You know me, don't you. Cukai....Daddy, lah!

Let lil' king rest o.k..., TV rest too.....

Now that I'm okey, I can be Power Ranger.......I like to role play, imaginative me..complete with sound effect... whoosh, whissssh...
Guess who? Back to myself, ever active Iddin!!With helmet and sun glasses, ready to!!

When I'm tired of play, what else will I do..but...
Have patience with me ok?
Iddin: I read very fast. Now I read 9b (referring to reading series read in school)
Nek Lang: Then read to me 9a please .
Iddin: If you want to hear me read, you go upstairs. I read to Mummy.
(Later, Nek Lang went upstairs)
Mummy: Finished reading Nek Lang. First page AND last page only!!!
Nek Lang: Iddin, Iddin, real fast reader.

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