At play.

Salam! Look @ who's playing all alone? Notice the TV remote? He is the controller. No one can watch other channel when he is watching or even not watching the TV. Just by listening to the sound of his favourite heroes over his favourites channels (Asrtro Ceria n Disney Channel) will make him happy. Many times there will be siblings squabbles, rushing for the remote.But every time Iddin must be the winner. But if we request nicely from him like "Iddin, can I watch tennis" or "Iddin, it's 8 o'clock. Time to watch Berita", "Iddin. it's nek ngah's turn" he'll oblige (but that too depends on his mood). Iddin will make me his safe keeper for the remote control so that others got no chance to change channel without his consent.So that's Iddin, please be patient with him. He's cute, he's creative (dressing up), can sing, can dance ( hip hop)

new toys, self talk

tired? glide under the bed

bored? watch Ceria lah

Look! Power Ranger just like in RTM2

Next morning, still no school, what else to start the day!


  1. hey there!! missy memang cukup marah biler 5tak dapat tengok my fav chanel tersebut nama brand lah pule.. corrections: channel.. but wad 2 do.. layanzz jer le.. adik le katakan

  2. Good Missy, you know your role as a big sister now. Always sacrifice for the juniors.


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