Lunch at........

Salam! Last Saturday went to KL for a day trip. We had lunch at an eatery in Pavilion KL.Second choice to Mdm K**n which was still closed for the CNY. First, for starter we had this.

Onion Loaf, nicely arranged fried sliced onion in flour mixture,
taste like cucur bawang a.k.a cenkodok. Kalau ada masak asam lagi sodap!

We had sky juice in tall jumbo glasses

I had set of Fish and Chips, big plate for two

Special bib for you,Mr Sor, enjoy your black pepper rib- steak

Don't forget the sauce to go with your food

And this is look alike Que Haidar, BOY, who happily 'entertained' us.
We enjoyed his service. Thank you, Boy. Look @ Nek Ngah, happy you.

Thank you Daddy Mr Sor and Mummy MsHart for the nice lunch. Next time Mdm K**n, yes, Missy's choice.

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