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Community outing.....Enjoying the morning sun!
Lots of them in Teluk Cempedak (TC) Kuantan. Can be scary. They feed on left overs left by visitors or picnickers. They even can be snatchers too! Be careful. I had to hide my small pouch bag to avoid this. Where do they come from? Well, nearby TC is a secondary forest. But visitors to TC don't want to miss the cheeky monkeys. They are an attraction , just like an open zoo. Don't feed them, in case they want more. Just stop and enjoy their comical acts.

Colourful display of inflated toys, attraction to the kids. I know of one who will 'cukai' his Father Christmas daddy

The President

Three generations:Narimah with daughters and grandchild
How not to be happy having a friend like you, Narimah (sorry, I've known you as that),as the saying goes...." a friend in need, is a friend indeed". Thank you for the good time....from the hills, the rivers to the sea, malls (just to say hello , touch n go ) and over lunch, breakfast.Thank you for the company to a "now you see, now you don't'"resident of Kuantan. Now Narimah (Datin) is actively involved in MNS Pahang (Malaysian Nature Society) as President. From her 'stories', I must say that she is the person to hold that post. So many ideas and projects just keep the environment clean. Way to go Narimah, ooops Datin,

Salam everybody. Happy Merdeka Day and Selamat Berpuasa.
I love to play at TC like "up and down" (i.e. see saw). Please keep TC clean, okey.
TC is Teluk Cempedak

Yours truly,

Real cool Sungai Lembing

Fan-shaped shady tree
Neat, well -kept garden around the Sungai Lembing Museum
Evergreen mountain

Cool, cool mountain air

Meandering Kenong River, floods during very heavy monsoon rain

River with sand banks, camping spot?

Wooden low bridge across the river, to Sungai Mas Primary School and Orang Asli Settlement.The bridge will submerge during the monsoon season, cut off from main road.

Hanging bridge too!
Today is 31st August........HAPPY 51ST ANNIVERSARY MALAYSIA!!!!!!!


This is the SOUTH MAIN STREET in
Sungai Lembing, peaceful and cool!
What is left of 'El-Dorado'Malaysia

Yes, dear readers, Narimah brought me to Sungai Lembing town, 42 km from Kuantan town this morning. Never been here before although I have been staying in Kuantan for the last 20 years. I learned about Sungai Lembing as Pahang's richest manufacturer of tin during my primary school. That was many years ago. So it was, now only could I see how tin was mined in this once tin-riched area. Once this town was even dubbed as Malaysia very own El-Dorado. As it was here that a special settlement for British officers were located. The main attraction is of course The Sungai Lembing Museum, right on the hill top.
It was built to re-live those glorious days of tin mining, with exhibits of useful information on the historical evidence of this region and Pahang as a whole. Although much has been done to disseminate information to visitors but we thought that some of the exhibits need clearer, proper labeling and explanation. The students and super- super- super seniors

We met some students from the School of Tourism, UiTM Melaka doing some research work. We left the museum with the knowledge of Sungai Lembing as being once the largest subterranean mine in the world.Then we drove further towards the surrounding area....... And these were what we saw(see pics below)We we were wondering what they were? Surely they must be related to the mining activity once upon a time.
Before, the workers' quarters

Left for future development maybe? But I hope any plan for improvement and 'upgrading' the town will consider her historical image and natural landscape. Will Sungai Lembing be considered as one of the World's Heritage just like Malacca and Georgetown? Perhaps.....

Guess where?

Can anyone, dear readers, guess where was this street-name sign taken? Hint: its background surely will tell you that it's local, in Malaysia or should I say somewhere in Pahang. Those who had been here must have noticed this street sign!!!


Dear readers,
Here it is...
Dr S : Your blood test results okey...hemmp... goodlah, everything okey, except, ....
Me: Cholestrol!
Dr S: Yah, terrible, so high...should be blah...blah... blah, never mind, I'll give you medication for a month. Come back in 3 months time for another test.
Me: Thank God, BP okey. (A quick test before this showed high reading, and was given a 'lecture' by the doctor, not Dr S, okey)

Lower down your Mr Chl.! Must do more vigorous exercise. Tai chi three times a week,not enough, not enough... Well. I had been eyeing the local all-lady's gym, the Lady Like Gym, each time I passed by the row of shop houses.The blood test result really pushed me to sign up as member immediately. I had been sweating it out at the gym...really enjoying myself on the treadmill, with the full motivation not for slimming (eh, not everydaylah...nanti tinggal tulang, or jadi layang-layang!!) but to get fit and lower down my Mr Chl. Health experts say "Exercise is the best medicine" . And more exercise I did. I had been doing house work such as cleaning and mopping the house, washing the drains, scrubbing the floor, raking the dried leaves, gardening....just to sweat. You see we don't have any helper, so someone has to keep the house clean. When my friends from Kuantan were in Melaka last weekend, I took took them for a walk cum exercise around Malacca town like along the Malacca River, part of Jonker Walk, visiting the museums, up and down the St Paul Hill. Now I'm back in Kuantan (I miss my house....) And this morning I took the opportunity to relax like having my hair trimmed, Zah pampering my face with her 'golden hands' .... I planned to walk to the salon and back home. Since JY was around, he drove me there (rosak programme).All done, Zah checked my fat content ....

Zah: Kak, take care of your lemak (fat). (Actually, she was promoting a product for weight loss) Should be between 20-27 % for your height, age, BMI...(and so on)
Me : Eh, banyak lemak rupanya I ni. But let me exercise first, okey. I'm taking the buah naga (dragon fruit) too.
Zah: (smiled) So now nak jalan balik ke? If I'm free now, I can drive you home.
Me: Thanks Zah, I prefer to walk, brisk walk. Anyway the house is not far.

And walked I did under the hot sun, took me 10 minutes.
Hope with the walking and more workout, and of course taking medication diligently and watching my diet, Insya Allah, my Mr Chl and "company" will be under control. God Willing!!

Cloud 9

Dear readers,
The rolling clouds up in the blue sky floating over the dark stormy sea! I love the clouds (what type? Cumulus Numbus?) This is part of the Straits of Malacca, the longest and busiest Straits of the world. I took this scenic view from the The Straits Mosque. It rained that morning. That explains why the sea was dark and rough with the strong wind.The junk in the second image is not Cheng Ho 's ship, not Magellan's ship (reacting history?) not a merchant ship but I think must be the floating hotel (kapal karaoke, so said the makchik-makchik). Must find out....
Proud to be a Malaccan....orang Melaka katakan....

2 in 1

Dear readers,
National Day (or used to be Merdeka Day) is coming, just around the corner and so is the month of Ramadan al Mubarak. So HAPPY NATIONAL DAY to you and to my Muslim readers don't forget to wake up for Sahur THAT night to start our fasting in the month of Ramadan, Insya Allah.
SALAM MERDEKA and SALAM RAMADAN!Ah, yes.... image taken at Mesjid Selat Melaka (The Straits Mosque). The Jalur Gemilang flying proudly besides the tall and mighty minaret.


Dear readers,
Whenever JY is in Malacca, he will never miss visiting or stop a while at this place which brings memory. These images were taken one morning. Yes, this is part of the Straits of Malacca and the mouth of the Malacca River....imagine, once upon a time, one of the busiest port and harbour in the world. Today, JY said...maybe we can say this is the mouth of the River Thames? Yonder is Buckingham Palace! Eh???

His masterpiece

Dear readers,
Above is an 'oil painting' done by JY, titled "Rainy Day", very heavy rain in BC a.k.a. Jalan Puteri Hang Li Poh that morning, prevented us from going to breakfasat at 'Pak Dollah". Image vision is only 100 yards, worst than haze. The 'painting' is for sale. Anyone interested?

Muslimah tshirt

Dear readers,

I't's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring......'

Took the opportunity to scrub the drain around the house. Enjoyed getting wet!!!! Job done! Need a hot shower. Then put on newly bought muslimah Tshirt, baggy and comfy, length, below the knee. Actually bought from one of PHLP's Arabic class students. I bought two, one pink, the other grey, thinking of wearing them for morning exercise. What is interesting is on the tshirt is embroidered wonderful reminders....

Guess who?
Not clear? Well, it's "Al Jannah is where the Muslimah heart is....."
nearer please....

Interested? Ada minat? Go to

See you. Jumpa lagi...Maas salamah ('good bye' in Arabic)

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House keeper

Dear readers,
Pagi tadi seperti biasa pagi Selasa, berhimpun dengan kawang-kawang untuk aerobic Aspalela, Tai chi/ Senam Tera, poco-poco, zapin. Semua member ada menunjukkan peningkatan. Berpeluh. Habis, singgah di warung, isi perut dengan soto, popiah basah dan teh tarik. Balik ke rumah, terus ambil rake, alah pengaut macam jejari tu, kaut daun-daun kering pokok rambutan nan sebatang di laman rumah dan kawasan sekitarnya(semalam nampak bertaburan, sakit mata memandang) Adalah dua longgok daun kering. Puas tapi sekejap sekejap gugur lagi daun. Hai, ni lah kerja yang tak ada penghujung. Kemudian angkat pula bekas pecahan siling-siling buruk yang dah lama 'parking' di bawah pokok rambutan tu. Buang di tong sampah untuk diangkut oleh encik-encik tukang angkut sampah. Berpeluh!!! Kerja sorang-sorang. Selalunya bibik buat. Now no bibik, buat sendirilah. Siram pula pokok-pokok bunga. Segarlah hendaknya tanaman bunga ku . Next ke belakang rumah, daun serai nampak messy, tak kemas. Perlu di trim. So trimlah. Rupanya di celah celah gugusan serai tu ada pokok daun pandan. Barulah nampak. Next, ambil karung plastik hitam, masukkan daun serai tadi dan daun kering pokok rambutan. Angkut ke tempat buang sampah. Next kemas pula pinggan mangkuk di dapur. Nampak bekas-bekas air suam kosong. Didih pula air. Next buat laundry. Belum lagi sapu rumah (sebab Amal ada di rumah, demam dan dia sedang tidur) Hai penatnya jadi 'house keeper' ni ye (kakak saya beri gelaran tu) sebab dia asyik busy dengan kelas bahasa Arab (mengajar) dan aktiviti persatuan, keluar rumah aje. Saya pula sentiasa di rumah, house keeperlah, house cleanerlah, cucu sitterlah...nasib baik H2H masak, kalau tidak jadi house 'cooker' ha, ha, ha....Mujur juga JY understanding, dan tadi dia called....nak datang esok....naik bus pukul 3 petang. Tunggu ye.....Oh another thing, called En Hisham, tukang buat rumah. Bukan nak buat rumah lah tapi minta check anai-anai yang telah makan beberapa keping kayu lagi. Bilalah nak berakhir masalah ni......Dengar 'beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep......' time sidai or jemur baju... Jumpa lagi...

Senam seni

Dear readers,
Pagi Ahad semalam saya dan kakak ke Dataran Air Keroh untuk melihat (dan ikut serta kalau boleh )Senam Seni Malaysia. Projek ni baru dilancarkan di Melaka. Selama ni kami buat taici atau senam tera 18 langkah tu dengan geng golden girls.Ada juga kami buat pergerakan tarian zapin, joget, dan poco-poco. Ni pergi nak tengok kelainan dan kalau ada step yang boleh diikut untuk orang-orang 'muda' peringkat kami ni.Di padang Dataran Air Keroh tu ramailah yang hadir, majoriti muda belia remaja, wakil IPT dan persatuan, bersemangat dan ceria di pagi minggu. Oh yes, semua yang hadir dapat T-shirt percuma you. Warna ceria , kuning jingga, Potongan T-shirt ala kimono atau macam baju tae-kwando. Siap black belt sekali!Kebetulan pula di tempat yang sama ada Karnival hari Peladang Peringkat Negeri Melaka. Sempatlah lah kawan beli buah naga, 10 for RM10.00 dan duku langsat. Kakak dan saya diri je, tengok dari jauh, nampak celah-celah anak muda rakan remaja, tak kenal sorang pun manusia. Oh gitu rupanya senam seni ni. Aerobic ala Malaysia. Pergerakan senaman tarian kebudayaan pelbagai kaum di Malaysia. Mulanya lagu rentak zapin, gerak geri pun zapinlah, then bertambah laju, rancak denganj oget, alaa dondang, inang and so on and so on......dengan pergerakan tarian India, Cina,Sewang sampai last sekali slow down dengan tarian gerak geri Sumazau Sabah. Projek ni akan dijalan setiap hujung minggu di tiga tempat sekitar Air Keroh. Jangan setakat pelancaran je ye!! Hopefully rakyat Melaka akan turut serta dan beri sokongan. Bagi kami, agak jauh jugalah nak ke Air Keroh ni, walaupun nampaknya menarik, banyak pergerakan boleh berpeluh dibuatnya kalau dibuat sepenuh tenaga. Sekali sekala tu bolehlah ikut. Tapi bila dibandingkan dengan tai ci atau senam tera, kami pilih yang kedua, lebih teratur dan sistematik, tarik dan lepas pernafasan, lebih sesuai untuk yang sebaya kami. Poco-poco pun kalau betul caranya, boleh buat kita berpeluh.Tapi senam seni ni adalah senaman ala malaysia, so mesti sokong juga, kan?