Creative bags

Salam! My sis has golden fingers. Not that whatever she touches turn gold, as in Midas touch, but she can really sew. I don't have that talent and I will never learn sewing. (But I can stitch). She can sew blouses, baju kurung (only for self lah), maxi. She's the one we go to to shorten our long pants, or sew beads to decorate our bajus. One of the things that she learned was sewing bags mainly patchwork bags. She is very good at it.She sewed several tote bags for her friends and cute informal ones which she called Oshin bags. The first bag she sewed for me was a tote bag, good to stuff my telekung, or can be a shopping too. (pic to the left)

For my last birthday (was it?) she sewed me a sling patchwork bag complete with her branded name. I used this sling when I go travelling.
Can you see her branded name?

Recently, she gave me an Oshin bag. The bag will look pretty by highlighting it with beads. So,

Sis: Here's the bag. Here' re the beads. (Beads of various shapes, sizes, colours neatly kept in small little casings!)

I took the whole night sewing small round white beads lookalike pearls round Oshin's, just nice, can fit my camera, purse, handphone and a small pack of tissue.

That's my sister a.k.a Kak N to her friends, Nek Ngah to the kids at home, Angah to the family at home. Thank you Angah, the one with golden fingers.


  1. Thanks Alang for the publicity and the trust. Hope it will encourage me to start creating more. As it is now, it's frozen!

  2. (Later on got tambahan in your post I see)

    A lot of praises, got prawn behind stone ah? (ada udang di sebalik batu ke? Hee.. hee..)

  3. Dear Angah,
    No lah just to tell you how I appreciate your "masterpices"


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