Cameron - Revisited

Salam! The last time I was there was about 5 years ago! And every time it was for a meeting. So, I had no time to venture to the various gardens, farms and the great pasar malam. Alhamdullilah, last weekend, the whole family of singing blogger plus bibik had a memorable weekend adventure at the rolling mountains of where else but Cameron Highlands. So Cameron Highlands revisited!. Actually. It was a birthday treat for our PuteriHangLiPoh. Our one and only niece, hart-to-heart and her generous hubby, (our one and only n-i-l) Mr Sor were the main sponsor. I cannot tell you more just yet, later, o.k. but please go to hart-to-heart who couldn't wait to tell you what a birthday treat it was and what fun we had. Thank you Mummy. Thank you Daddy. Both of you are very kind. Thank you Missy Capuccino, Princessangel, Iddin ,the King, and bibik Nani for the wonderful company. Did you enjoy yourselves? I did, especially the singalot karaoke session! ( my runny nose dried that time). What a happy family gitu. Wait my birthday where are you taking me, Har Sor? Did I hear.......?

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