Whatz up?

Hello there! Whatz up? Whose legs and feet are these? What are they waiting for?
Now look at Amal's face! Look at Iddin's! What's the big grin for, Amal? Thrilling? Ticklish? And Iddin too, full of concentration, see the sparkling eyes, and wide opened mouth? Whatz up? Oh, the feet massager. Yes, I found this machine lying unused (for quite sometime) under the table. When we first had it, the children were still small and they didn't understand what's the machine for. Look, these are Amal's feet. Hee,Heee, Heee, so ticklish.....So nice... hee,he, heee...

You can guess whose feet are these. Well the super senior has to give way to the super junior. Roll it, roll it, roll it on the massager. Heee, give way NeK Lang. Heeee, gelilah!!! Do you notice his lazy toes? He tried to straighten them but still.....

R n R

Salam everybody! Missy and her nek ngah were not at the ticket counter. Not at all. They were behind the wooden partition between two eating tables. We were at R n R Seremban for short stopover, and makan time on the way to KLIA. Missy had sardine sandwich, Nek ngah, mee curry, Mr Sor didn't know what to eat, so kwai teow goreng with mee goreng as well as prawn fritters. Taste good...
Mee soup for me
Yong taufu (without soup) for H2H


Salam everybody! She wants to be like one of them!

Bye nek ngah!

Salam everybody!

Yesterday was THE day she has been waiting for. After ALL the ujian, we were finally at KLIA to send her off.

Who : My sis a.k.a puterihanglipoh (blogger name)/ angah/nek ngah/Kak N/Hajjah
Destination : Amman, Jordan
Reason : To deepen and widen her knowledge and skill in the Arabic Language
Duration : One month (exactly)

So whilst she's away, the 'cucus' at BC granted permission to use her computer, to sleep on her bed, H2H can use her MYVI, and as for me.....relief teacher for the 'tai chi' session and be her "PA"

There she goes...... have a safe journey, good stay, good health......bye nek ngah, see you, yah...


Hello everybody! A few evenings ago, on the way to fetch Mr Selamba...

Vitara: Oh! Must go slowly now, careful me, see the others crawling too!!
(suddenly....BOK....another BOK....) Omigosh! What's that? Oh my back!!
My bumper....

Kelisa: Solly, solly, vely solly, Madam Vitara, I was dreaming lah. Saya tak tau apa
saya buat. I pressed the wrong pedal lah. Tekan minyak. I'm in the
wrong. Saya salah lah. Solly yah. ..Oh, my face, my muka, my bonnet, banyak

rosak, crooked. But you Vitara....your back, just few scratches... Vitara : Yes,thank you Allah, for making me strong and tough but the pain is there
you know, Miss Kelisa. Now you've kissed me, you pay lah.

Kelisa : Solly again. yah. Dont't worry, Vitara. My mechanic will repair your dented
back (bumper).You will be beautiful again! As for me,ummph..compound!!

Vitara : But let's smile, Kelisa, look the crowd taking our picture lah.

Kelisa : What?? Oh no!!! My face, my face!!

Vitara : Careful next time, ok! Let's tell the police about this, okay.

Bolehlah tu...

Salam semua. Ini sambungan posting semalam. Dengar khabar ada VVIP nak join kelas 'tai chi golden girls'. Dengar pula ada komen seorang kakak tu bila di tanya 'How was the tai chi kelas?' 'Alah, uselesslah, wasting my time only." Tak ke rasa hampe tu. Bukan beri encouraging words. beri chancelah, kakak oi. Ni volunteer tau. Ada pulak komen kata, bolehlah tu.......So dengan komen-komen macam tu dan dengarlah member akan bertambah, ada pula vvip, must get readylah, perfectly ready, but not as perfect as sifulah who has been practising and practising until perfect movement. Jeng, jeng jeng..... sifu lent me the tai chi guide book for 'revision' (eh, macam exam pulak). This morning, did 'Aspalela' 5 rounds. Then did the 'tai chi' movement under the watchful eyes of sifu herself. She corrected my steps and movements. And the most important thing: how to manage the player especially the tape. So, can you do it? Yes, I can!

Relief teacher

Salam everybody!
This morning I had to to replace my sis for the 'tai chi' session with her 'golden girls' . Just was about to go, it started to rain. To go or not? Called sifu in KL who said just go in case...yes they were waiting and few came in later. Started the class with sstttrrrecchhinnggg session. Continued with warming up, aerobic to 'Aspalela'. Hai yah!! How come ah? Already practised but forgotten the steps, that's the first round lah. Second round, okey, yes learned through mistakes and must focus next time sifu lead the session. Then, 'tai chi'. Alamak, macam mana ni? The tape already in place (set by sifu) pressed the 'play' button but the tape won't move. Maybe tape not placed correctly. Sifu has shown me how to operate the newly bought player. Actually I'm phobia at tapes, scared they'll get entangle in the spool, and this 'tai chi' tape....very valuable. So forget about it and let's 'POCO POCO'. As long as there's music and movement. So we did poco poco with me giving instruction where and how to move. Sweat it out girls!! Okey, now Zapin followed with Joget Lambak. For the first round of Joget , we followed the planned dance steps. Second round, free dance joget movement , get a partner and joget lambak. With no 'tai chi', I really sweat and hopefully the girls too. Just wondering, did they accept me as the relief teacher for that morning. Well, can I replace THE teacher when she's not around?

Teacher Nek Lang

Salam everybody!

Since his school is closed for the whole of this week, nek lang is his teacher. But being the teacher does not mean have full power over the cheeky student. Teacher has to follow his time table, his mood etc. It's sort like flexy time table. There's a slot for 'garuk' while asking him the times table: two, three, four, ten and eleven. There's a computer session: how to log to You Tube and watching his favourite videos Power Rangers (Nek Lang how you spell Power Rangers). He now knows how to go to You Tube by himself. (Nek Lang no need teach me. I know already). He can also turn off the computer, following the correct steps as shown by teacher Nek Lang.(Nek Lang teach me how to shut computer). Bored? Well, back to his toy cars and imaginative play. Or doing his ferry wheel, gymnast in the making? (Nek lang, play spelling.) Ok, teacher follows as long as the student wants to learn. So spelling sessions with some English words spelled in Bahasa Melayu. Some words written in how they are sounded. There's plus and minus exercises (What is Addition and Subtraction, Nek lang) from easy to do work books. There's also writing sessions (I don't like colouring). In between, there's the TV watching session, with the remote control in his hand. He can line up the programmes in Astro Ceria. So you see, no fixed time table, as long as he is occupied. Oh yes, in the afternoon, (nek lang garuk me) and teacher garuk him (must follow his ways too, where and how to) till the one and only pupil falls asleep. Tired, I supposed. Ah.....don't forget there's also the teacher-pupil 'war' when needs not met. But peace treaty quickly signed, must know how to tackle him which needs patient, great patient, plenty of it. So, the whole of this week home schooling with Iddin, my one and only student. Thank you Teacher Nek Lang, Thank You Iddin. Tomorrow another day yah.... (Nek lang, teacher said if get the flu, I have to stay another week at home) Oh YES???? Alamak!

Up.Up and Away

Step one

This is the way!

Twirlling and swirlling


Catch it

So the name!!!

Salam everybody!

This is Shafie. He is the roti terbang boy. He can twirll and swirll the roti canai dough up in the air and then catch it neatly, all in one piece. The roti 'flies', terbang. So the name, roti terbang! That's his skill which he learned as a roti canai boy in this eating stall. Look at the pictures, see how bubbly Shafie spins and tosses the roti canai up, up away in the air to the delight of the customers.

Fishy Fishy

Salam everybody. Here are three famous traditional spicy snacks famous in Kuantan where the main ingredient is fish. We have it in Melaka too but a bit different.
This is pulut panggang. The pulut with spicy mashed fish filling (not so spicy as in Melaka's) is shaped elongated then wrapped with banana leaves. After which they are roasted. I don't quite like pulut panggang because of the pulut. Taking too much make you 'lemah' no enegry (betul kah)

This is pais or otak-otak ikan. Not like the one sold in melaka, otak-otak kempas??( factory made, so like 'getah' like) This is home made with bits of fish flesh coated with grated spicy coconut. Then wrapped, not actually wrapped but put in between two pieces of cut coconut leaves, then roasted. Very tasty! I remember my late mother used to make pais ikan, tiny pieces of fresh anak ikan (don't know the name) mixed with grated coconut, sliced tumeric leaves, pounded cili. Delicious. In Johor they have something like called Botok (not botox) this time fish with herbs. Taste good too.

This is called sata. Also from fish mixed with flour and grated coconut. Then moulded into a shape of a cone. Again wrapped with banana leaves and roasted. Now to roast them, five or so pieces of cone shaped sata are pierced through a metal rod and roasted. Hence you see the hole, notice it at the unwrapped sata.
That's it , folks. Bought these fish snacks for tea.

Nice Kuih

Salam everybody. Do you remember how the Malay kuih (traditional kuih) were sold once upon a time? The kuih seller, usually the local boy or girl, would go round the kampung with two big baskets round their arms yelling the 'tune' KUIH....KUIH.... goreng pisang, karipap.....' depending om the kuih they were selling. We would buy our favourite kuih at 5 cents a piece! Those were the days! The kuih seller (budak jual kuih) would go to you, right at your door steps. But not today, we have to look for them. In the Central Market Melaka, there is one bubbly lady, sitting patiently at one spot )usually at a particular pillar) with her baskets of kuih calling out "KARIPAP, DONUT EH" at her top of her voice. Now, as I was brisk walking this morning, I came across this Kuih Melayu stall, for the local kampung people, of course. All sorts, 3 pieces for RM1.00!
The kuihs are put in plastic boxes. Above picture shows from left: Apam Tanjung, Pulut Panggang, Kuih Cara (green). Front row from left: Pulut Urap with ikan kering, Kuih Kasui with grated coconut, Heart shaped Kuih Lapis or Genggang (colours differ at each layer), Kuih Apam gula hangus and Apam mangkuk (to be eaten with grated coconut)

Then there's donut, karipap (with spicy curry filling) and tembosa (coconut filling)

More kuih. In the tight tied plastic bags are Roti Cicir (tepung tercicir) or Roti Jala eaten with curry.

Here's Kakak Maimunah, who owns the stalls. "Kuih-kuih ni ada orang tumpang. Saya jual nasi lemak." So she got commision lah from selling her friends kuih. What's that she's holding?

She uses this to 'shoo' away the 'uninvited flying guests'. Plastic strips tied together, her weapon. She keeps waving this like a 'pomp-pomp girl'

Me : Puan, boleh saya ambil gambar? Nak masuk dalam komputer.
Kak Munah : Habis tu dah ambik gambar nak masuk komputer?
Me : Ah ah, saya nak buat cerita, nanti satu dunia tahu cerita puan dan kuih-kuih kita.
Kak Munah : Satu dunia tengok muka saya lah
Me : Ye lah, terkenal lah nanti.
Kak Muna : (senyum malu)
Me : Boleh saya beli karipap seringgit dan tembosa seringgit. (for breakfast, ma...)


Salam everybody.
Dah lama tak jalan, morning brisk walk, kasut merajuk, so gigit my kaki. Aduh pedehnya!!!

Photo shoot

Salam everybody!
Amal is good in drawing, modelling.....see her in action
under Missy's direction

Missy as the make up artist ooops hair stylist like Daddy, now where's the hair clip?

Under pokok rambutan, I will wait for you.....
Now pose nicely, don't look at the cam, please...

BTW, Missy is the photographer.
Good work Missy, So glam Amal

Getting ready for school

Salam everybody!

No books?

Smell sweet, feel fresh
Buttoned up

Want my hair cacak-cacak , please, i shoot u nek lang
Some entertainment on the way to school
Power Rangers XP, my favourite


Salam everybody!
Do you love the Japanese drama 'Oshin'? One local TV is rerunning the show for the second time, I think for Oshin's fans that include my sis and I (and also Faridah K's mother in Penang). It is not shown in the TV Guide but if you turn to Ch 119@ noon Mon through Thurs, you won't miss it. It is dubbed in the national language so that Oshin's fans can understand better. Why I'm hooked on Oshin? I like the story. It tells the story of Oshin, a poor little girl who would someday become the owner of a big supermarket chain in Japan. Oshin's character is a very strong-will person who is determined when she set out her goal. Really it is an evergreen drama, touching, quite long but worth watching. I like the early part when she was little, especially the scene showing her determination to attend school while working as a baby sitter. And I love to watch the Japanese culture, their way of life, children and ladies in kimonos, houses and anything Japanese. I have my Oshin bag, Oshin box........
Any 'Oshin' out there?


Cuba teka, apa sedang berlaku?
Salam semua! Today nak tulis dalam BM lah pulak.

Kawasan kami di BS sedang dalam pemerhatian Jabatan Kesihatan. Mengapa? Salah seorang penghuni perumahan kami (bukan di lorong rumah 'yang benar' ye, minta jauhkan) dah kena serangan nyamuk aedes. Dah kena denggi. Rumah dia pula hampir benar dengan satu projek pembinaan. Dah sah kawasan itu pembiakan nyamuk aedes. Memang betul pun. Dah kena kompaun kontraktor berkenaan. Selang beberapa petang dah ' pak-pak sembur'(bukan pasembur ye) datang buat serangbalas dengan menyembur kawasan rumah termasuk dalamnya sekali. Adalah dua kali 'yang benar' tak keluar rumah. Sekali tu buka pintu je, tak buka gate. Masuk juga asap ke dalam rumah, baunya, tak boleh tahan. Petang tadi melalui siaraya 'mobile calling' (macam jual surat khabar lama tulah) ada kerja-kerja penyemburan, suruh buka pintu pagar, pintu rumah dan tutup segala makanan. Minta semua keluar rumah waktu kerja tu berlaku. Seorang 'mat kesihatan' round buat catatan nombor pintu rumah penghuni yang tidak berikan kerjasama. Katanya kalaulah terjadi orang-orang rumah tu terkena denggi, kena kompaunlah tuan punya rumah - sebab - tidak bekerjasama sewaktu penyemburan. Berasaplah dalam dan luar rumah. Kami semua terpaksa tunggu di luar hingga asap reda. Terlepas Diari AF you!. Lepas tu, kenalah bersih rumah - Mop lantai, meja, tangga dari bekas minyak sembur tadi. Alahai tolooooong!!
Sambil tunggu, layan kakiDatin Habibah dan Pn Maznah, my neighbours. Yang berbual dengan Datin tu lah
Mat Ronder
Pretty sisters , wondering
Kena pakai mask you, bila masuk rumah semula


Salam everybody!
It's 9.30 in the morning. Normally it's bright and sunshine. But it looks like its going to rain. But no! No dark clouds. It's 'hazy 'right now. Pictures taken from the balcony.

Felt glad today. Showed somebody, a high-spirited young lady whom I met at TM, how to start and create a blog. And she has more than that to tell me!!! Baru jumpa tapi macam old friends gitu. Go girl!