Hello there, Postpone lagi! Apa yang postpone tu? Merajuk juga lah. Tapi bersabar je lah. Instead, went to this just opened 'market' 'pasar' sort of, J**a G****g. Quite a good place to do marketing. For lunch, JY wanted rice porridge , kerang rebus, tumis cendawan, goreng ikan kering and sambal belacan (I threw away the seeds). For me, in addition, fried fish, size S fish, ikan selayang .

Put on apronBefore cooking
After cooking:rice porridge, kerang rebus, ikan goreng(kering n selayang), tumis cendawan,
sambal belacan, sauce for kerang rebus
Oh yes, bought this too, teknologi seberang, for Gangzter Flies.
These little black creatures are a nuisance. Perhaps this is the way to
get rid of them.

It worked. See what happened!!! Very effective. This is what you called 'dropped dead'!
The sticky paper has 'bau ikan kering' (smell of dried fish). So....

Ok. Now the washing up. Urrggghhh......


  1. You are a GOODA WIFE - pandai masak, pandai kemas rumah and above all . . . S A B A RRRRR (urgh... very unlike the me one. Heee heee )


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