More stopovers

Salam! At Tapah R n R Mr Sorr, bought these sweet sour jeruk mangga to make us awake but look......
tired mah....tidur lagi best. Along the way, "Sorry ye, HAVE to stop"
Another stopover. Another agrobazaar but we didn't get down only 'yang perlu sahaja'

Towards evening , we arrived at Dengkil, (remember Jenderam?)
Mr.Sorr: Sini ada satay Kajang.
Gang: Ya, satay, o.k. Let's stop!

So the famous satay!

Ordered this much, hungry (again)

And in no time finished every thing, not enough? Ordered some more.

This is what is left, can you read the order list?

Continued journey...
Time for Magrib prayers. So next stop, Air Keroh R n R. Welcoming place too. Not bad.

Look at Daddy. Look at Iddin? What happened? Ada Angin lintang ke? Must be something. 'Nanti ambil duit, lepas tu, daddy pusing balik sini' he requested.

So the journey home continued...... and

What an enjoyable outing..... See the smiles...contented, yes?

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