Let's dance

Beri tumpuan pada nafas, concentrate

Salam every body! Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I will follow my sis for her Tai Chi-anyone session with her friends. What is interesting is that the session also include the musical aerobic using the malay traditional music such as the Joget for warming up and stretching the muscles. To overcome boredom, the now favourite catchy song 'Aspalela' by Saiful Apek is also used alternately. After forty minutes or so of Tai Chi breathing in and breathing out exercise, there'll be a 'poco-poco' workout. Never mind if you miss your step, just follow and you'll get it soon.The session is not completed without dancing the Joget with 'listen to the gong beat'. Gong. gong. gong.....Oh yes, the joget lambak of yester years. And now the 'girls' are learning the Zapin, another traditional Malay dance. Wow, so thrilling. How not to! This is the first time some of them are dancing the Zapin. There will be giggles and laughters. Later on I think our cikgu 'll include the Inang too, the ever so gentle, slow movement traditional dance. We enjoy ourselves, moving our body, legs and hands, to the rythm of the music.Of course after much movement , we'll sweat all over. Everybody agree they feel fresh. After all, other than exercise to be healthy and keep healthy, we want to be happy together with friends. We don't want to miss Tuesday and Thursday morning for more .

Aspalela, lela, lela, lela....Aspalela, lela...lela....lela ..warming up
'kepala ke kiri dan ke kanan, satu, dua, tiga....... pre tai chi
'tarik...... lepas...... tai-chi, beri tumpuan kepada pernafasan
'dengar bunyi gong, gerak dan buat U turn dengan partner (bukan part-we/pakwe)' joget
'kanan, kiri, kanan, buka' zapin , now jalan ke depan, tok,tok ketok. ketok gong!
'poco-poco' kanan, kanan, kiri, kiri,......

The cikgu's legs "Kiri, kanan, kiri, kanan"
Follow the leader

Kepala di putar, ke kiri... perlahan-lahan
Joget, on the spot..

Zapin...1,2,3, kaki kiri bukak...

Special occasion

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