Long neck

Dear readers, I read about them, saw documentaries and pictures about them and I saw them in reality once upon a time, one day, during the week in Thailand. Much has been said why the brass coil around the ladies' necks: to protect them from evil spirits, to protect from tigers eating them, as a sign of great beauty, to attract a better husband, tradition, culture and so forth. But one thing I learned that it was for tourism, an attraction for tourists. Why not? Well, we had to pass winding mountain road to this special hill tribe village. Upon reaching there, we walked passing two rows of wooden huts, each with a long neck lady or girl selling souvenir and local craf. Some of them as young as six years old sitting prettily waiting for pictures to be taken. Some of the not-so--young were weaving or tending to their kids. Of course tourists were attracted to the sweet-young ones. And they were sitting there quitely while tourists looked, smiled at them, talked with them in sign language.They obliged to take pictures with the tourists. Normally, they were given some money as token or the tourists bought something from them.. Surely, the sweet ones received the most lah. Kesihan mereka, jadi bahan pameran, atau macam......I bought some craftwork from them, donation, because this is their only income.
They are not the long neck ladies. Zaitun and Farah posing with the head gears of the hill tribe.

Picture above shows one of my friends with the most popular long neck ladies.

What a tiring week

Dear readers, These were the places we visited during our 6 days and 5 nights stay in Thailand: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and of course Bangkok. Please excuse the map, too small. I took it from a poster map outside a tour kiosk near the hotel in Chiang Mai. Since these places are in the mountains, the twenty one of us travelled in three seperate vans. Wow! What a bumpy and swirling journey, mind you up and down the mountain, through winding roads to see the so called longneck ladies, to discover the borders of Thailand with neighbouring Myanmar and Laos, The Golden Triangle, to feed the elephants at the Elephant Camp, to admire the beautiful orchids at the Orchid Farm and to respect the paper umbrella makers , to enjoy the beautiful landscape at the stunning Doi Tung Garden. Oh yes, the silk factory,the Gem Jewellery, the fruit market and the night market in the city are places worth visiting.These are in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, up north. But more to see in Bangkok, down south,with the floating market, the wax museum, shopping and more shopping.....ooooh. ....So tired that when I reached home-sweet-home, my body ached and was down with cough and sore throat. So these are starters, readers, more to come, God Willing.....Geography lessons of yesteryears came alive.....Loy,Loy kratong, sawadee ka......

The mad rush!

Dear readers, Just came back from my a week break visiting Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Bangkok with the golden girls.Rombongan Cik Kiah, gitu....Very tiring but interesting. More of that later. What I want to comment is what I read and saw in the Sunday's newspapers yesterday. "MAD SCRAMBLE' and pictures of: smiling faces holding up cash, dissatisfied and angry faces when rebate was denied and oh my.....the mad rush at the post office' counters!!!!We are given until March 31 next year to claim the rebates., but why the rush?? Guess they have their own reasons for doing so. But why didn' t they rush to submit theirs income tax form? Yes, they did but it was the last minute rushed!!!Why didn't they rush to register as voters? Why didn't they rush to pay up their bills and assessment? But some of them will also rush to get the best seat in the in free seating low fare air plane carrier, yes even among the above 55 ( A A had risen the age to 65!). More examples of rushing incidents can be seen among some of us, don't want to mention the country, shy only lah!!!

Kaki Jalan, Jon Jalan!

Dear readers,
Insya Allah, God Willing, I'll be away for a short 'break' to Chiang Mai, ChiangRai and Bangkok this coming week. I'll be going with my friends not my friends (macam cerita Anakku bukan Anakku). Actually they are my sister's friends (and now my friends lah). Rombangan Cik Kiah gitu! I've seen part of Bangkok but not the other two. So hope to write more of my 'jom jalan, kaki jalan' (that's me) adventure next time. Okey, see you, readers...

'Laugh, cry and enjoy'

Dear readers, those are Tiara Jacquelina's famous tagline as she ends her welcoming speech before the curtain draws open for the most-talked-about and much- been-written theatre in town (or in the country?) P.Ramlee, The Musical. Yes, readers, we did laugh, we did cry and we did enjoy!!! The dazzling musical took the audience back in times from P. Ramlee's humble beginnings in Pulau Pinang to his glory days in Kuala Lumpur. I loved the stunning costumes, I was stunned by the incredible sets and props, I enjoyed the music., I marvelled at the performance, all of them, main casts, supporting and the ensembles. Yes, I did sing along (to myself, of course, silent back-up singer)) to some of P.Ramlee's popular pieces like Azizah, Istana Cinta, Engkau Laksana Bulan, Getaran Jiwa, Gelora, Saat Yang Bahagia, Hancur Badan Di Kandung Tanah....No regrets, money worth spent....After the show, together with Amal( Emilda 'Manjalara" Rosmita called her 'chubby Manjalara' when small) managed to meet the main casts personally and get their signatures. We were so thrilled when we congratulated Adlin. Congratulations to all for making us 'laughed, cried and enjoyed' that night!!

To go or not?

Dear readers,

To KL, to IB,
To see THE theater
If it makes you happy,
Money doesn't matter.

Yes, all in the family plus home-going bibik will be going to KL on Friday. What else if not to watch and enjoy P.Ramlee, the Musical. We had seen the theater during its first season last year. But we don't want to miss it this time what with to see the look alike P.Ramlee performing. Read so many good, awesome things about his performance. And of course the songs, dance and music!!! Oh yeah... At first thought I decided not to watch the theater this time because cannot afford the tickets lah, and to know that those which we can afford are all SOLD OUT. So after dicussing and thinking about it, plus and minus, to go or not to, and yes, Mr Sor's birthday, hey, why not, give it a go! After all, we don't want to feel like 'hai yah, should have gone lah!! blah... blah... blah" and regret whole life. Mr Sor himself went to IB to book the tickets, don't care the pricelah. Good seating, I guess. And he was given discount, for 2 golden girls, and 3 children. Rezeki katakan. That means we have to do check and balance for our coming expenditure lah. So folks, Istana Budaya, here we come, one night only, one night only....the next day, h2h wants to bring bibik putar-putar (sight seeing) KL, ambil foto di KLCC katanya. Ya buk....

So happy together

Dear readers,
Iddin and his Tok Lang are very closed.
So happy together, play time..before school...the datuk (Tok Lang) and the cucu.
Datuk: I surrender, don't shoot me.
Cucu : Then, I MUST follow you to Kuantan.

Tired of playing...... Datuk and cucu, time to doze off....."sleep first, then tomorrow you can follow me to Kuantan."
Me: Iddin, do you love me?
Cucu: Love.
Me: How much?
Cucu : One hundred!!
Me: Do you love Tok Lang and how much?
Cucu: Love.... One million?
Me: Why so much?
Cucu: Because you so small and Tok Lang, so big!!
Me : ????? Iddin, Iddin...


Dear readers,

Managed to attend one of the attractions or happenings in Melaka, that is the Pesta Masakan Warisan Melaka 2008 or Malacca Food Heritage Festival 2008. We went early, so easy parking, no large crowd, fresh food, fresh faces, smiling and willing to talk. Other than food of various comunities in Melaka there were also a showcase of food from the various states. We had fun at the festival: visiting the stalls, asking questions, tasting the kuihs, sipping the drinks offered (try lah air buah naga/dragon fruit juice), and finally settling for satay at the famous Hj Samuri (do you know that they have their own bottled drinking water?). We brought home Tauhu Bakar (Johor famous one) and Beyh Royale (sort of drink rich in aromatic spices). Here are some pictures.....

"BEYH Royale is patiently brewed using the various ricly aromatic spices that were found in abundance throughout the State of Johore,then a centre of spice cultivation in olde Malaya"
Some of the banners, colourful nd attractive

VVIP tents : grand lunch after launching, of course for Toh Puan Zurina, wife of the Governor
of Melaka and her entourage

Nyonya beaded sandals , pretty ya?
Yes, pretty slippers for pretty, dainty feet

Tie a large banner round the angsana tree

Yummee yummee laksa penang mari

Laksa from Penang (original one mar)

Recipe books for sale. The girl is promoting the latest

recipe book in town "Gemilang Warisan Masakan Melaka: Sajian Istana di Zaman Silam" Get one if you want to know the various local dishes: Malays, Baba Nyonyas, Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, Chettiars


Dear readers,
Snacks anyone? My sis brought these back from Jordan.
Crackers (spelt 'krakers') with black cumin. Taste good, very crispy
Various cookies with nuts of all types like cashew, pistachios etc.
Nice and sweet!
All packed in this attractive gift box.