In a maze

Salam everybody.
My streamyx connection is giving me a problem. The connecting 'light' went blinking: blink, blink,blink yesterday and this morning too. Connection error. So this morning I had to go to T*P*t to inquire why as well as to pay the bill. Normally I did it online but since I had to settle the modem problem, so it was best for me to me the bill too. Oh my, I went to the office. The guard said "Sudah pindah cik, near" So off I went to the said place. But sorry, wrong info given. That's one of the problems paying online. Always on cyber that you don't know reality. So went round Kuantan, in a maze, looking for the new office, luckily it's a small town. A passerby directed me to the new office which is now in a new building, patutlah tak jumpa. While waiting for my number to be called, I made friend with a nice, pretty, young lady, dealing in marketing . We exchanged notes. I introduced her to blogging, the good things! She has heard of blogging but doesn't know how to go about it, how to start. She requested for my blog address and I proudly gave PHLP and H2H address too. She was amazed to know that there are junior bloggers in the family too. So if you are reading this posting, Maizurah, we hope to 'singgah' your 'house' too. Start blogging and you'll know what fun you will have (ye ke?)jotting your experiences, sharing feelings with fellow bloggers 'hopping' to other bloggers' 'house'. Now back to my streamyx problem, the person in charge advised me to call the technician. Back home, at this time of posting, the blinking light surprisingly is stable. Maybe the connecting line was busy yesterday or the weather was not too good (hujan), what with 'pilihanraya' everybody wanted to be connected, so modem 'down'. Hope, no more interruption lah . I don't want to call the technician just yet, duit lagi! Now, I'm waiting for the Wish family to arrive from Melaka. So Nek Ngah, the TV all yours now. Aiseh, the modem light is blinking again!! So amazed now!

Nek Lang (sms d to Missy): Dah bertolak?
Missy (replied sms):Dah lama dah! Now at Tangkak!

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