Oshin's Box

Salam everybody. Do you like this cute craftwork? Since we have Oshin's bag, let's name this so comel craftwork as Oshin's box. My sis did this for me, I think in the early 80's, loonnnnggggg time ago. I still keep this masterpiece, besday present, lor. Maybe my sis can tell you more about this work of hers.

Look, it has a drawer too,
exact measurement is important
Once upon a time, I watched her made these boxes. You have to be precise and exact to get a perfect box. She used to make these boxes for jumble sale in her college or as gifts for her friends.
Hello sis, have time to make some more? Your friends will oooohs and aaaahs. Cutenya....


  1. Aiiyahhhh long time agooo . . BTW thanks for still keeping the box - still looks like new, very photoghenic Oshin Boxo. Now no time to make lorrr

  2. Teach your group of friends lor instead of beads and bling-bling things.


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