Another one?

Salam everybody!
We were at this so called House of Porcelain. Considered a strategic place: few doors away from the famous designed furniture shop and above is the newl
y opened all in one beauty 'station'. Actually the visit to this 'house' was not in our agenda but how not to avoid. The owner is pretty Pn Zuraidah, another enterprising lady. We were at oohs and aaahs looking at the attractive well crafted porcelain. But the famous 'Nice to look, nice to hold but, once broken, considered sold,' keep reminding me to be careful. Your home, especially your dining table will look nice if you have this collection. But if you can afford it lah. Otherwise, the 'pinggan batu' plates like the ones used during Ning's wedding are good enough.The pictures tell all. What about you,collectors?

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