Lest they forget

Eh, what are they doing?Red flag? A policeman standing by?

Salam everybody!
Yesterday was the replacement school day for some schools whose venue had been used for the recent General Elections. The SK Bukit Sekilau together with the local mosque, Masjid Saidina Ali, held a gathering to commemorate the birthdate of our Prophet Mohamed S.A.W.After some events at the mosque, the participants took part in the procession. Participants were the school children, boys and girls, as well as the school teachers and local people from Bukit Sekilau. However, the school children out numbered the adults! It was a colourful procession, participants dressed their best in baju Melayu and baju kurung. They carried bunga manggar and banners, written were words praising the Prophet, making the procession more colourful. They walked the route I used to take for my brisk walk that is from the mosque along the main road, passing the school, up the hill ,down the road facing my house and end up at the mosque. The picture above shows the officers on duty controlling the traffic passing through the route. The school children were cheerful and bright but some were quite indisciplined, running out from their group, maybe they were excited. But most of them, the girls especially behaved well, as they walked while reciting the 'selawat'. Lest they forget our Prophet's Birthday!
Serious adults

Pretty girls

Good boys!

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