Salam everybody! As I was running through the songs that the participants in AF6 will be singing this coming concert I was thrilled to find that one of the songs will be 'You raise me up", very inspirational!. I wanted to know the lyrics and I stumbled upon this . Can't tell you more, just pay a visit! H2H, Missy, Mr Sorr and, I think, PHLP will LOVE this site. Happy singing!

UPDATE: Visit this too! Listen! Very lovely, soothing to the ears and calm the soul.


  1. nek lang..
    ni la lagu yang daddy & the gang nyanyikan untuk tan sri azman hashim masa family day kat PD ari tu..
    lead singernya Regional Manager dia.

  2. Missy, Thanks for visiting. I remember that. Have you visited that site? There are some songs that your school choir can sing.


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