Way 2 Go

Salam everybody!
Good to know that Iddin (5 plus going to be 6 coming November)already can recite his two times table. CONGRATULATIONS to the teachers! Now he is learning the three times table. He can also tackle subtraction (minus) sums problem. His addition (plus) is not bad too. His school that he is attending teaches the kids solving maths/arithmetic ,first ,by using their tiny cute fingers applying the abacus method of counting, which I myself till now cannot follow.Well, the 'old' school! No surprise. Why not Daddy or Mummy go to this site so that Iddin and Sis Amal can have fun learning and mastering basic problem solving in maths. Have fun!


  1. nek lang he can even recite times table 3, 10, and 11...

    the teacher is daddy and me.. not school teacher.. kindergarten never teach times table wan.. where got..

  2. Really? But go slow, afraid he'll get bored. Well, 'teachers' cover all who teach and guide, TV can also be a' teacher'. So u and ddy good effective teachers lor.


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