Never too late

Salam everybody!
It was over lunch one day that Pn Faridah brought up the news. The ladies from BAKAT (Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-Isteri Angkatan Tentera) at Kem Bt 8 Kuantan, wanted to learn English, conversational English. A former student of SMKTA, had suggested Pn Faridah's name to the coordinator (well also from SMKTA, though only for a year!) and Faridah being Faridah just could not say NO (her late father was an army officer, so how not to help).She has no experience in teaching English (she's a Bahasa Melayu specialist), so she suggested Datin Narimah's name (Oh, this lady is THE one). These two people can work together. She wanted to get me involve too. Sorry, gang, I have other commitment, not permanent here, okey. But I can help if I'm around. Anyway, I haven't been to the army camp before. So I just accompanied them that afternoon for a getting-to-know-you-session with the participants. So it's good to know that these ladies, wives of you know who, want to improve or upgrade themselves in English, spoken English. At least they will be able to speak with confidence and able to converse with foreign visitors over tea or dinner or any social gathering. Not just saying "hello", '"how do you do" shake hands , smile and remain quiet. So the two 'teachers' will list down the topics to be done, mostly related to daily life, vocabulary, reading of current events and the like. According to Pn Rafiqah, the project coordinator, it will be a 3 month course (like Akademi Fantasia!) . So Narimah and Faridah, go for it! Every Saturday afternoon for 10 weeks!! As for the army camp, I dare not take any pictures. We cannot simply enter the area, ikut suka. We had to wait for Pn Rafiqah at the main gate. Oh, oh macam ni rupa camp! So peaceful, with golf course, hangars, classrooms, training grounds,living quarters... Datin Narimah explaining while Pn Farida (in blue tudung),
Pn Rafiqah (standing) and Pn Lee (if not mistaken) listening

Pn Rafiqah welcoming

My name is ......, while others writing their script!

During the getting-to-know-you session, the participants introduced themselves in English. Simple situational conversation were carried out. Just hemtam sajelah, Labu..... never too late.

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