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At 2.00 pm, JY remembered that he had a wedding invitation. Aisehman, yours truly has just finished cooking and the table set for lunch. But that was not a problem. After all the invitation will be until 4.00 pm. Old friends, must go, mar. So after lunch, quickly got ready. "Eh, tak payah gosok-gosok baju," he sounded. How can! At the wedding, we met some of our pensioner friends, not seen for quite some time. There was Dato' Hj. Abd.Rahim, ever so friendly former State Education Director and Tn.Hj Hashim Joko, former lecturer now a canteen operator. We had a nice time chatting with them. So it's not the makan (I only ate a little) that's important but meeting friends and the company that matters. Here is a picture with
some of them. The two ladies are still working. Our former colleagues are from left: Tn Hj Anuar (former officer from District Education Office Kuantan), Tn.Hj.Yaakub (the host, JY"s closed friend and former Principal), YM Tengku Fathi (former Music lecturer). Now Tn Hj.Yaakub and Tengku Fathi are 'guru simpanan' (teacher on called or pooled teachers)meaning that their services will be needed to replace teachers who are away attending courses or on long leave.

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  1. Eh, I kenallah Tengku Fathi. Dulu dia kat MPIK kan? Looks so much different now.


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