Salam everybody! It's 3.30pm and Thursday. The DSL light on the modem is not quivering. And I hope it'll remain. Touch wood! For the last few days it had been blinking and quivering to my frustration. Well, I had lunch with my friend, Faridah Kazi. Where to? Seri Arfah for Nasi Ayam? No. So common. Wak Suffian for Nasi Padang? Parking problem. Biduri for Makanan Panas etc?? Not used to the place. Finally our choice - Patani @ Jalan Sultan Ismail, comfortable, easy parking. We had white rice with Tom Yam Patani Special,(mixture of sotong, prawns, vege) Kailan Goreng Minyak(also got sotong, aiseh!) Telur Bungkus ( smaller size now) Sweet Sour Udang ( more prawns), Sambal Belacan with timun. Sorry, left my camera. So no pictures. While waiting for our food,

Salesman : Maaf, saya ada buku.....(showed some books on Agama)
Me n Faridah : Terima kasih, Kami dah tua, dah ada buku-buku tu.
Salesman: Ni buku untuk kanak-kanak, lagu kanak-kanak (started to sing )
Me : Terima kasih kerana menyanyi tapi kami tak mahu. Eh, Susah ye nak berniaga ni.
Salesman: (Smile) Tapi kami banyak sabar. Terima kasih puan (and walked away)

If we don't go to the mountain, then the mountain will come to you, so goes the saying. But in this case only special books not sold in book stores. Not me lah, I don't have the face to meet people and start telling them, with a smile, ' Puan, beli buku ni puan. Untuk derma...(blah,,blah). Not me,These young usahawan have to have the art of persuasion and thick skinned face!

At Patani, we met En Abd.Latiff Wahab (former art lecturer) having lunch with his family. He is spending his time doing nothing (tak buat apa, he said) but painting.
Well the food was nice. Hungry mar ...... licin semuanya. Sent Faridah back to her 'kantor'

Me: Thanks Faridah for the newspapers and stamps. (Faridah belanja I!)
Faridah: Thanks for the lunch!
Me: Not at all.
(BTW, the light is cooperating.Hopefully .....)

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