Ne'er mind

Salam everybody! At last I can work on my blog.The last two days the connecting light had been blinking at me. It seemed that the streamyx line in my area was 'hijacked' (?) for PRU purposes. So, the jing jang gang from BC was here. Oh, the pictures below tell you what they did... they came , they saw, they conquer. Ha, ha, ne'er mind, as tok lang said, let them.

Missy on the rocking chair, my turn now!
Amal: Nek Lang, can I borrow your t-shirt?This is my office
Nek Lang, your computer can play CD or not?
What is this, Nek Lang?
I want to see what's inside?
And when they went off to Kota Baru the next morning, heard some one said, " Eh senyap pula bila dia orang tak ada!'

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  1. Ya lah, dah biasa bising, sunyi lak . . . Dindin in pic without baju tu looked like BELALANG!


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