Eeer so cold

Salam everybody! Recognize me? Iddin lah. I've got a story to tell.

Can't remember when but in BC. Still small me.
This one taken last week in Nek Lang's house. See my round head and chubby cheeks?

When we were in Rantau Panjang , Daddy bought me two pairs of baju..(pant suits)what else if not my favourite super heroes , Batman (all black with cloak) and Spiderman (all red). Before, my baju was size M but now, I'm more comfortable in size L. Big boy already lor... I love those bajus...long sleeved T-shirt with long pants. We were in Nek Lang's house in Kuantan that night, Daddy said to rest before we continued our journey to Melaka the next morning. That morning, bibik washed my spiderman baju because it was dirty. But me, being me, wanted to wear THE baju although it was damp. Well, of course, the elders, I mean the adults, ALL scolded me, said" Nanti demam lah. Belum kering lah! Jemur dulu ya..Nek Lang spin dulu. " Everybody was mad at me. But I insisted. So, Mummy, Daddy, Tok Lang, said "Biarkan". So let it be. Proudly,I wore 'Spiderman' though I knew it was damp and I would be cold. You know children, if they love the baju, shirts, pants, they'll wear it no matter what! I often do that! We went for breakfast at a food court.It was quite cold that morning .There was quite a strong wind. My seat was closed to the entrance. I could feel the cold air through my skin. Still, I faced it, like nothing was happening.But, actually,I was shivering. Eeeeeer,eeeer,eeerrrr, so cold! The rest just looked at me and smiled. I wasn't angry. Normally, I will mengamuk! I just looked at them innocently. I felt guilty. I couldn't stand the cold any longer. I moved to another table where Nek Lang was seating, away from the cold wind. I felt better. And of all things, I took iced tea. Biarkan juga. Let him! Nek Ngah said, I will be a light traveler who needs just a pair of baju - the wash, dry, wear type. " So easy. But this one not yet dry. No patience me. Anyway,I finished my hot Soto, not the iced tea. When we reached home, Nek Lang's house, I quickly changed into my dry Batman baju. Now, I should have listened to them,the adults. I must listen to them more. Can I? Being me? Well, they know me.......! Always have my way. "Biarkan aje and he will learn his lesson."
Sorry, no picture. Maybe Mummy or Kak Iman can take picture of my two new superhero baju. (Bought new camera, ah, Mummy?)

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