Dare it

Salam everybody!
She is an engineering graduate. Why? She has fulfilled her father's wish - Good education with a good and secure job. But her passion is interior decoration and to start a beauty house. "Saya minat kecantikan. I want to be a beautician." So s
he dare it ! Now her dream has come true. She has a beauty house : Harum Kasturi, traditonal yet modern. The enterprising young lady (former SABS girl) together with a friend, (former SMKTA) started a company (above picture). Her beauty house is one of the 'activities' . Others in the list will be a hair salon, SPA, boutique and tailoring. Oh my, all in one, under one roof, no more worry, running here and there! So yesterday was the eventful day, the opening ceremony of the 'business house'. Of course the food was nice. Couldn't eat much, just had breakfast and a rich one too. Thank you. Red is the theme of the decor, bright, happy and hopefully will bring 'ong' or luck or rezeki to these young ladies. Since I was the first to sign up (001 was my number) I was given a free facial. Relax lah, thank you again, Adila. The moral of the story is 'Follow your dream' and 'Dare it'. I know many people like her. To them, 'Good Luck'

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