Just another day

1.1.2008 - rained in Kuantan throughout the day and night. So stayed @ home, cooked mee goreng, afternoon _ nap.
2.1.2008 - today's JY's birthday. Nak belanja lunch cukuplah. Morning went for breakfast. We had Nasi Belauk for breakfast, another breakfast speciality in the east coast. Simply, white rice with kuah masak lemak kacang panjang and timun and ikan kembung kering, add sambal belacan. There's also pisang rebus but we didn't go for it.

Nasi belauk , east coast breakfast special!

Pisang rebus, reminds me of si tanggang!

Then back home, I made Cik Mek Molek for makan-makan. You know that famous song by M. Daud Kilau and Zahid. Cik Mek Molek is a tradisional kuih here. Made from mashed keledek rebus with sugar as filling, But JY didn't like because got angin, so made cucur pisang a.k.a cucuk kodok, alias, jemput-jemput pisang, his favourite (Iddin and Amal also like this) , ha, ha, ha no birthday cake. Don't like. He finished the jemput-jemput while watching Australian Open, tennislah, what else. See, senang aje JY ni. Look, 4 Cik Meks dancing in the kuali!
Senyumlah-senyumlah, Cik Mek Molek

So want to go late lunch with birthday man.....but it's raining.......

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  1. Wishing JF4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY. As Esah said, "Now in roaring sixties". I'm not sure about "roaring"..

    The molek kueh looks good. Wait u make ah..


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