Sungai Kuantan

Hello there! If Melaka is proud for her 'modern' Sungai Melaka, Kuantan has Sungai Kuantan.
K-U-A-N-T-A-N stands tall in the 'bakau' swamp

A fishing boat tugging to the South China Sea (more following)

Before, ferries cross the river, but now.....Kuantan Bridge linking town to Tanjung Lumpur, a fishing village

Pedestrian walk along the river (but cycling is not allowed!)

A senior citizen reading , young men chit chatting, subject:fishing

An old Muslim burial ground was here, now children's playground!
Cool and calm wih palm trees in a row

More shady trees

Lonely bench. Care to sit?

They have river cruise too : Menyusur Sungai Kuantan. That will be next time!

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