Mr Sony Cam

What'sthe latest item in my handbag? Other than my hand phone, purse and tissue paper, the new addition is Mr Sony Cam, the digital. Before this I had the normal one, using rolls and rolls of film., developed and nicely placed in albums.I remembered taking photos now and then like when visiting other schools for benchmarking, events happenings in school, touring, etc. I used to write working papers or reports of activities/programmes in my former school with pictures as highlight or proof. These pictures as memoirs are in my albums, neatly arranged in a special cupboard. But alas, through my carelessness, my camera which had been loyal to me, dropped dead the same year I retired. Which means, end of picture taking using own camera.But then, I have my video cam, also a Sony to capture eventful events in action, such as the premier school cncert where Amal and Iddin are the main focus, outings with family members. Not to forget the melancong happenings to Korea, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai.....And special mention to my sis and my friend ,Narimah,for being the anchor girls . Then this era of digital with the blogging bug. After blog hopping (busybody one) why not join the gang. So Mr Sony Cam came along too. What more now I've also a photo blog. That means more photo taking with my new toy. Standby Mr Sony Cam, get ready to shoot... Guess what my new year resolution is?
Anyway, to you readers, esp to my dear ones back home, 'Wishing all of you a joyous and everlasting peaceful New Year! Continue blogging in a happy mood! 'See you soon......

A Malay Town in Kuantan?

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