Time: 3.00 pm
Another dragon fruit but purple (colour), soft and juicy.Make sure to rinse your mouth after eating to wash all the purplish stain. Eeee, prefer the white dragon, nicer.

Then, someone at the door.
Voice: Assalamualaikum
Me : Waalaikum salam.
(My neighbour's daughter with a plate of kuih melayu): Mak beri. Dia kirim salam.

Me: Oh my, Terima kasih dan kirim salam pada mak
Me, so shy lah, again receiving something nice from the nice jiran. Now: what to balas?


  1. Also bought the red dragon yesterday - RM6 @ kilo. Liked it, finished the whole fruit myself, of course in 4 kali. Not popular in the house.

    You give lah your cucur bawang - Nas keeps mentioning Che Nen's kueh. . . .

    Selamat Puasa 10 Muharram.


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