Hello there! Have any one of you held a rifle,yes, a rifle before? I had. Once I accompanied my students for their weekly activity at the training camp. The girls were from Persatuan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia (Laut) or PKBM(L) . That week their activity was latihan menembak (shooting exercise).This was a chance of a life time for me! At least dapat pegang senapang dan pistol. We used rifle M16 and pistols and for the training. The Commander- in- Charge gave us a briefing on the do's and don'ts during shooting and demonstrated how it should be done. We were taught how to put in the bullets, aim at the target through a very, very minute lens. My problem was I couldn't shut one eye. So susahlah. Then pulled the trigger. Aiyah, terkejut when the trigger was pulled. I giggled but not the girls. Since they were in uniform and being Kadet they must maintained discipline. Then came the shooting competition using pistols. Hai, baru training dah ada competition. I simply shoot and of course off target - bang,bang,bang, tembak ajelah. So that's it. Finally, the girls had to do the cleaning up and put the rifles and pistols into place. Reflection: sangat-sangat seronok, super and fun!

yes, that's the way cik gu

menembak gaya meniarap

the target, always missed!

with pistol, quite heavy, so used both hands!

ini cara berdiri, ada stylelah

cleaning up


  1. Wah ini dasyat punya hobi ni..bestnyer ye!!! Berat tak Alang?

  2. Kaseh, for me beratlah. Yang lain tu, stesdy je. Takut juga bila nak tembak.


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