Dried flowers

Hello! I have been been keeping this for a long time, should I get rid of them or keep for sweet remembrance. See, about 5 years ago I received a bouquet of fresh red roses, like the pic above, from a parent in conjunction of my retirement. The flowers, still in same wrappers, are now dry but the petals, leaves are still intact! No dust at all!!

What did I do?

Hung the bouquet upside down when the flowers were still fresh

And it (the bouquet)had been hanging at the room partition for these 5 years. Now, should I keep it? Throw? I was about to, but then, the flowers,.....sayanglah, seems to say 'pity me'. So,

Here's where the roses are now

And I love these two frames of dried flowers....Anyway, talking about attachment, sentimental, sayang etc you won't throw any at all.

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