Hi there! Today I cooked Ikan Kembong Masak Asam Pedas Melaka. Remember I bought the Masak Asam powder from the Melaka guy at the expo? So today I gave it a try.

Smells good and tastes nice!

Thanks for the ilham Allah Almighty has given to the food technologists. Now we have all the 'fast lane' to cooking for Malaysian cuisine.We have all sorts of 'serbuk' (paste/perencah) like the one above - serbuk masak asam melaka. To make kurma, just get serbuk kurma daging or ayam. Even for soup, there is the sup punjut or soup powder. Mee bandung muar, soto, mee jawa and other dishes just name it, they have it. Even the ingredients and cooking instructions are well written step-by-step on the packets. Just follow the instructions and voila, your dish is ready. However, like in other skill, the technique of cooking is very important. If you simply follow the instructions without 'adding or subtracting' what is asked, then you won't get the taste' like mother's cooking'. That is why some of the tradisionalist still prefer originality, a bit of this and and a bit of that ( I mean spices) and 'throw' them into the saucepan or cooking pot. The taste is say . Moreover in future, perhaps the coming ( and some present, ) generation ( like yours truly)will not know or get confused to what is coriander (ketumbar),aniseed (jintan manis), cumin seed (jintan putih), black pepper (lada hitam), cinnamon (kulit kayu manis), cloves (buah pelaga) to name a few because they are all now in powder form, all mix according to the said dish: all ready, get set, go . See, how creative people are, things which we never have thought before in cooking is now a reality. Food technology makes cooking easy. Thank you Allah.


  1. Sedapnyerrrr...anyway kaseh b opening next week. Nanti kalau balik jangan lupa singgah tau. Thanks for your lovely notes @ kaseh page!!


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