Good evening there! Well in last posting, JY decided to bring me somewhere right. At 3.00pm we drove to this place, CENEH, a small town in Trengganu along the Jabor - K.Trengganu road. It has a resort where we used to bring our trainees for outdoor education and bina semangat course, once upon a time. After 45 mins drive, we arrived and had nasi ayam (not nice, said someone)@ the warung makan (named KLCC) I bought 3 paus, (not whale tau, but kuih pauh!)very soft, gebu, filling and tasty. To go the resort you have to turn into a narrow lane not far from the main road but ALAS! where's the resort? CRR is now a Pusat LBN. No entry. Punyanya hampa. Nak ambil gambar entrance pun tak ada hati, very unkept. But here is a nice view...

Now nak ke mana? Cukai, Kemaman. So another 30 mins passing small villages, still in Trengganu.
Me: Kita ke tempat buat keropok. (tujuan nak ambil gambarlah)
Hi : Along the way to Kuantan, ada banyak stalls keropok lekor.

Me: Sigh!
So we just passed the town, quite busy, balik office, mah.

Tak singgah pun kat stalls keropok, sebab tak de intention nak beli

Lalu di Cerating, very busy highway, with lorries and fast driving cars. Uggh! Dah masuk Pahang. Many resort hotels, some familiar .
Diverted to Pantai Cerating (and the South China Sea.)
the one that attracted my attention.....

jest for laugh!

Arrived Sekilau @ 6.15. Itu ceritanya hari ni, the somewhere over the rainbow thing.
JY keluar beli dinner jap...bawa balik satay, sata, and ,forgot the name, oh yes, pulut panggang and also pais ikan (not otak-otak like melaka punya). Sedapnya.
Sorry, saja change size font, nak gempak...

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