The singing family

Hi there! Talking about singing. Learned that Missy was chosen as a member of her school choir.Congatulations, at last you made it, Missy. MIssy loves singing. She'll sing whenever she feels like it. Most of the time she'll sing in the bathroom (suara sedap lagi dalam bathroom? ). She'll sing like Annuar Zain (Lelaki Ini), Adibah Noor (Kau yang Teristemewa), Ning (Awan yang Terpilu) know the soprano voice, nyanyi from the perut. At times she made me on my nerve. Ai yah. Told her off, "Perlahankan suara sikit boleh tak? Orang sebelah boleh dengar" She 'll sing to her favourite songs (and dance as well) Once, she took part in a Karaoke Comp. She sang 'Pudar" by Rossa and she won. She even participated in a Jom Heboh session, dancing on stage with Dinah (Mau tapi Malu). Lepas geram lah. She likes watching the vocal classes of AF conducted by Cg Siti Hajar or Cg Safi. In fact all of us like to watch AF, even the replay @ CH15/115.Jangan marah ah. At home, we are often 'entertained' with a mini 'concert'. Missy, together with her siblings, little princess Amal and handsome king Iddin, will sing and dance to High School Musical (HSM) songs. Oh, at times there'll be perang saudara. Perebutan CD and remote control .Iddin will play over and over again his favourite song, one of the songs in HSM, annoying his sister. "Iddin, janganlah, nanti CD rosak. Kak Iman beli mahal tau CD tu! Rosak Iddin ganti!" See ,she treasures her property (esp CDs). And Iddin will later hide the CD and remote somewhere that he only knows where (he's good in hiding things). Iddin likes singing too,buka mulut, ikut lirik, just the sound pun jadi but melody ok. And he can remember the words, mind you, like some songs from the theater "Puteri Gunung Ledang - The Musical." Not only singing but action too, can be Sultan Melaka(Adlin) or AC Mizal, growling! We are really amused. He's really an entertainer, makes us laugh. I love you funny Iddin. He even remember the number of the track in the CD. "Nek Lang number 8" or "Not that one lah,I say No 11" etc. Then Princess Amal. She too can sing (but through the nose) songs from "Love is CINTA" , My Heart, or 'Pencinta Wanita". So comel. Hear her sing the theme song for Cuti Singapura. Cutenya dia. Daddy would request "Mal, please sing that Singapore song." Amal obliged and sweetly she sang, no mistake at all. The trios really have musical talent, hai, dapat dari Bapak Sor and Ibu Har lah tu. And together Missy, Princess, King will sing happily in the car together with mummy and daddy (the von trapp family?) My sis and I love and enjoy singing too. Whenever on trips, local or abroad, following rombongan Cik Kiah, we'll be given the mic to entertain the other members in the bus. The top entertainer will be Kak N lah (together with some of her friends) me, back up je. Our songs will be the oldies, the klasik nasional type. Siapa lagi nak nyanyi! Once in Bali, we sang with the residence artist that night to his delight.Then in Palembang we went on stage to sing "Kopi Dang Dut". In Puncak, we had a karaoke session. And did we really sing. Back home, my sis is a member of her Hadrah group. Last Raya we went 'hadrah ing' to some invited houses. Though I'm not a member, I tagged (actually my sis pulled me lah) along for the sake of 'throwing' out my voice in the Raya spirit. I really enjoyed the sessions. See, during my younger days, I was a fan (and still is)of Ray Coniff Singers. I collected quite a number of their LPs (that time, no CDs yet) but now, allthe cds gone missing. Misplaced ?And It's hard to get Ray Coniff CDs nowadays and if there's any, it's quite costly. During my school days we had MUSIC lesson which I looked forward to. Miss Tan (the music teacher) taught us the warming up exercie "Do re mi....., A,,a...a.." When I was in SMKTA, I asked the school choir to be revived and encouraged musical and singing activites in school.
So singing is in the family@BC, isn't it? I believe singing or even listening to songs will lighten your heart and brighten your day.
"Sing..... sing a song........make you happy......."
Mari kta enjoy....


  1. Kelakar lah "The Singing Family"! You write so graphically. I couldn't describe it better.

  2. thanx for the glamour nek lang.. i gotta go to practice my vocal sing along aa aa aa ta aa aa hihihihi



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