10 years ago

Hello there!

Whose fingers are these?

Who are you?

Come girl, don't be shy

Ok lah, I give up! Hi, they call me Adik..

Yes, Mayamin Suffya binti Mohamed Azlan a.k.a. Adik was born in the year I was posted to SMK Tengku Afzan Kuantan, 1998. She'll be 10 this year. That means 10 years ago I was in SMKTA, imagine that. Time flies that fast. But I did'nt feel it, did'nt realise it. Still going strong esp at heart.But Adik reminds me the first year I was in Afzan.I remember when Adik was a baby, her mother, the teacher-in-charge of the school hockey team, had to bring her along during tournament, once to Kota Baru, that far, because she had to feed her. Perhaps because of that, Adik is an active girl like her mother, Pn.Norehan, the house on the hill lady(Mee Calong). At times, she shy-shy cat, malu tapi mau.So I've got a little friend on the hill who calls me Pn Hjh, respect oh and who will always remind me of Afzan.
And of course, my Miss Cax is also 10 years old. Some questions asked: "Don't want to change car, ah ?" "Cik gu tukar keretalah, sudah lama,spare part ada ke?" "Mama, tanya Pengetua, nak jual kere
ta tak. Sukalah kereta tu." No way will I trade in my car to a new one as said my mechanic back home "you just take care of the car. The condition is still good. Maintain it, Why must you get new one if it does'nt give you any trouble ." Yes lah Mr Ng . But don't charge so highlah when i send it for servising. Yours faithfully takes care of the car too: washing, polishing, taking care of the engine, maintaining the pressure of the tyres, changing the door lock to a better one, etc. The children @ home like Miss Cax, before they got the new family carlah. Getting into the car was a little exercise to them. They had to struggle, climbing up.They asked why you drive big car? Nek Ngah's car , small.
My Miss Cax, the grand lady!

During my years at Afzan, there were 3 other ladies HM who drive the same model. And now in their retirement years, I see them still driving Vitara Suzuki. I looooove you Miss Cax !
Must ask the coming museum curator @ BC: Can you consider this car antique?

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