Hello! It's the time to pay Cukai Pintu and Cukai Tanah. Cukai Tanah bayar dah dan for early payment, the land office gave small note pad as token. Terima kasih ye. Then Cukai Pintu MPK (1st half year assessment) We can pay this assessment at various places indicated by MPK at the back of the bill. One is G***t Hypermart. So after writing out the cheque, yours truly gi lahke G***t. 1st time bayar di sana. Sampai-sampai counter rupanya buka 6.00pm on Fridays. Only on Sat and Sun @ 10 am. Punyanya frust. Tak tahu pun (dan tak tanya). Not stated anywhere in the panduan. So nak hilangkan rasa frust tu, masuklah ke mart. Belilah sikit, (tho no intention) janji not more than RM50.00. Then beli Sc***l slippers and lunch. Dua ni perlu. Anyway, whilst there met two people from Jengka Pusat. One former Form 6 student,(now a father) doing part time job @ G****t, Dia tegur cik gu nya dulu. "Cik gu Pengetua JP dulukan? Cik gu memang tak kenal saya". Sorry ye but thank you for recognizing me. So exchanged news. Another one was a former penghulu @ JP. Ai saymen, yours truly could not recognize him too. He got a lot of cerita one. So maaf again and terima kasih, tok. So, that's it. Jengka Pusat bawa kenangan. Then, while driving home, terfikir why not pay my assessment di Pejabat Pos je lah. So singgahlah di Pejabat Pos. Tiba turn, adik di counter kata, could not accept cause the cheque should be addressed to Pejabat Pos not MPK, unless we pay @ MPK. Frust lagi. This too is not stated. Since I was @ the post office and I had an envelope, I bought some 30sen stamp, and mailed my assessment to MPK. Habis cerita.

Note: My first intention was to pay through mail.But i didn't have any stamp.

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