Cold no more

This morning

He : Dah siap..............(coming down the stairs)
Me : Dah siap?....Ok (going up the stairs to the bathroom)

There it was, already on the wall, replacing the rosak one (motor mogok) fixed nicely by yours faithfully.
Tak payah panggil the wireman, as suggested by the sales girl (ni barang letrik mesti panggil wireman). But to yours faithfully, do-it-yourself (DIY) punya.

the slimmest sensation come with built-in pump

He: Boleh? (looking at Cik Slim)
Me: Of course boleh. So the rosak one cubalah repair, in case boleh guna lagi.
He: Tengoklah. Tak rasa pun air sejuk.
Me: Eeeee, sejuk especially in the morning and musim hujan pulak tu. So now bila shower cold no more. Thank you so much.

(Note: Yang barunya ialah heater tu, accessories, wh yang lama punya)

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