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Came across this piece of info in TECH & U, NEW STRAITS TIMES, MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2007

What Causes Slow Browsing?

Some Web pages are faster to download than others and your experience can be due to a number of factors, as follows:

Contents of the websites: If a website is loaded with large image sizes, it is slower to load compared to a website with small image sizes or text only.

Websites popularity: The more popular a website, the more users try to access it at the same time, If the website`s server cannot cope with the number of users, the page will be much slower to download or may even fail to load.

Websites hosted location: The closer you are to the website you're trying to access, the quicker the response time. For example, if the website is from Korea, it is slower to acces compared to a website hosted locally in Malaysia. The same concept goes to any file download from from the website. If given the option to download a file from certain location, then you should choose the website location nearest to you.

Virus, worms, adware or spyware: Malicious programmes may also be the cause of slow internet access. Make sure that you consistently update your anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti- adware software and always run them from time-to-time.

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