All Done

Yes, all done. Ah Kok and Din came to repair the kerosakan kecil sekilau 1.
  • sealed the gap between the kitchen extension roof and wall. The adjoining long piece of zinc was misplaced due to the wind. So rain water sipped down the wall.
  • changed the bola tangki in the water tank to a bigger one.
  • pulled out the already big tree at the corner of the air well and sealed the cracks on the wall
  • painted the wooden part of the front roof (two levels)
Ok, now the bill, (over tea and goreng pisang), came to RM220.00 after bargaining. Quite high lor! Perhaps this include the 'height' risk-factor, yo.


  1. yes, after this you can go back to melaka with hati yang tenang..hehe..

  2. Terima kasih, singgah-singgahlah lagi ye.


Terima kasih kerana sudi singgah.Komen anda dihargai.