Mr Handy Dandy

My Mr Handy Dandy serious at work

Lady of distress sending her S.O.S (Please send help!). Here comes my super hero handy dandy man. But patient......not in a whiz... like superman.....but slowly and surely..

He can
  • paint (the whole house- needs help, though). Now working at the porch at BS -ceiling, pillars, gate
  • change termite infested planks (family house at BC - sayang the house, must save it )
  • can fix door bolts, cupboard hinges, almost broken mini desks, tap leakage,(just to name a few,also at BC and BS)
He`s also very good in detecting problem (and fix it, of course, if it's a minor one)
  • in my ( and Missy ) computer system (e.g B**g, my scanner not functioning. Tok Lang why is the monitor light blinking? Is anything wrong with the printer?)
  • in my V*t**a (engine too noisylah, tyre - too much pressure !)
He also help in mopping and vacuuming the house !

How not to RESPECT n ............. (yang ni biarlah rahsia!) YOU, my Mr. Handy Dandy.

Can he fix it? Yes, he can!

MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU, Abang, you're a great help to (so helpless) me.

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