I had my hair trimmed at my usual salon, a small but welcoming one, at the Stadium Darul Makmur. There was Z, the hair stylist and beautician, the owner of the salon. I have known her, her sis (was my tailor), her mum (a great cook) ever since I started working in Kuantan. Z has put on weight. We hugged and exchanged news. "I was not well the whole of last year, kak", she said. Then she showed me her arm. There was a big ,red patch, a bit scaly and dry. Her back. There were red patches too. Remnants of scar were on her forehead, legs. Poor Z is suffering from psoriasis. At first she noticed it on her scalp. She thought it was the kelemumur/ dry skin flakes. She used all sorts of shampoo but it remained. Then slowly it spread to other parts of her body. She was weak. She showed me her pictures when it was at its climax. Kesihan Z. Really my sympathy for her. Her doctor said psoriasis is incurable but it is not contagious. She was given steroid but too much will have side effect. She tried alternative medicine and Islamic healing. Can see the change to the better but she has to be careful. She was advised to be calm and accept ujian Allah.Early this year, with high spirit and positive mind , Z still managed to attend a six month further course on hair styling conducted by a prestigious hair salon in KL The course was fully sponsored by MARA. So how not to ? "Dah bahagian Z, Sabar sahaja lah. Kak doa Z segera sembuh" I calmed Z, as she was attending to my hair. So Z, the bubbly, creative Z, continues her daily life, spending more time now in her salon. Not to worry Z, Kak and I'm sure your clients/friends will always support you because you have the golden heart and touch. Take care, now. At home, I quickly googled for psoriasis

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